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Humans of UserExperior: Zeeshan Ali Sayyed

Humans of UserExperior: Zeeshan Ali Sayyed

Amritsawan Bhanja
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Zeeshan is a Sr. Software Engineer with more than 7 years of experience in programming. He holistically manages the development of UserExperior’s Android SDK and cross-platform frameworks like ReactNative, Cordova/Ionic, Flutter, and Xamarin.

How did you get started at UserExperior?

Zeeshan’s journey with UserExperior started in 2016, during the initial years of his career. He reminisces, “It was a great start as I learned a lot at UserExperior. Vimlesh, the company's founder, encouraged me to bring out my hidden talents. He believed in me and handed over the responsibilities to develop and manage the entire product. It was an honor, and I am grateful for it to date.”

What motivated you to work for a small start-up whose future you weren’t sure about? Also, what makes you want to keep working here after so many years?

“It was UserExperior’s positive culture, the right mentorship and guidance give you a boost in your career and that also becomes the reason to stay for long years as you are also growing with the company, and it makes you feel proud when you are the only employee and company’s founder give you the responsibility to manage the entire product alone, it means a lot.” 

He took the responsibility so positively and worked hard. Zeeshan recalls, “I used to have dinner in the office. Sometimes Vimlesh would join me too. We enjoyed fun-loving conversations, playing table tennis, and having coffee together. Whenever I was stuck or nervous about development and issues, Vimlesh was there to motivate me. He always appreciated me for every achievement, which boosted my confidence.”

Any particular story of a challenge at UserExperior and the process of how you overcame it?

“In 2016 when I joined UserExperior, I was just exploring the Android SDK and Server Code and understanding the Database of UserExperior. At that time, the product was basic and there was a most needed requirement in the product i.e. Encryption.”

Zeeshan was good at Android but unfamiliar with Java Web Part - Spring Boot, Hibernate, etc. He started working on the issue and completed both Encryption and Decryption processes in a few days. Vimlesh was elated when Zeeshan presented him with the output. They tested the feature and released it soon after.

What does a typical day look like for you at UserExperior?

“I usually start my work between 10:00 AM to 11:30 AM, sometimes late at night at 2:00 AM or 3:00 AM. I plan my day and write down all items I have on my daily list to complete. I prioritize them depending on their urgency and importance. 

I check my emails to see if there are any emails from my colleagues or clients. I usually answer my emails and check my calendar for any team or client meetings and calls for the day. Based on that, I juggle my time between meetings, calls, and development. I ensure that the most urgent work is done first, and I try my best to complete all my listed items by or before the deadline. This way, I can increase my pace for doing work and can be more productive for the day.”

What do you find the most challenging at UserExperior?

“It requires a lot of research to build the out-of-the-box features which no one is doing. We always try our level best to make UserExperior a complete package of digital experience monitoring for mobile applications.”

What is your proudest moment at UserExperior?

Zeeshan says, “We built the UserExperior SDK with a lot of dedication and hard work. It feels so proud when I see big companies that are Unicorns of India are using UserExperior SDK in their apps.”

What would you be if not a software engineer?

“I would be a Graphic Designer. Because I used to spend a lot of my spare time editing pictures in college time that helped me to learn some good software like Photoshop, PowerDirector, etc.” 

What is one thing everyone should know about UserExperior?

“UserExperior is so environmentally friendly. Everyone feels happy working at UserExperior. Personally, I also feel proud when I can solve clients’ queries. It feels really good seeing clients happy.”

What three words would you like to use to describe your job?

“My job is challenging because UserExperior encourages and believes employees to take on different responsibilities and pushes employees to create challenging stretch goals. I am happy with my job because I enjoy working at UserExperior. The company's working environment is happy, which in turn increases productivity. It’s Research-Oriented; most of the features we build in UserExperior are all about pure engineering based on research and development.”

Where’s your favorite place in the world?

“Mumbai is a city where dreams come true. I love Mumbai because I have lived here alone, away from home for a long time. I have a dream to travel to Makkah and Madina, to perform Hajj with my parents, wife, and children.

What is the phrase/mantra that you swear by?

“I always believe in “I can do it. People say that “love your job, not your company,” but I feel that “I love my job and company as well.” Dedication, hard work, and smart work with honesty for you and your company will work for you in the long run.”

Zeeshan’s team member #1 at UserExperior and continues to be an inspiration for others. We thank him for sharing a little of himself with us here.

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