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Increase User Engagement With Mobile App Touch Heatmaps tool

Increase User Engagement With Mobile App Touch Heatmaps tool

Vimlesh Gautam
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Identifying user behavior is crucial to take necessary steps to boost user engagement on your app. A mobile app touch heatmap tool helps you identify the pain points of app users by taking you through the entire user journey. If your app is full of glitches or is unintuitive, then the chances are that the users will stop using your app and choose other similar apps.

 To prevent this from happening, UserExperior has designed the best tool that offers multiple features like real user monitoring, heatmap analytics, and more. If used correctly, the mobile app touch heatmap tool can help you significantly in boosting the app user engagement. If you haven’t used it before, then check out the different ways of increasing app user engagement with the tool.

Identifies Interface Problems

If the app doesn’t have a user-friendly interface, then users will find it difficult to navigate and use the app. As a result, you may start witnessing the engagement metric going down.

App developers often find it challenging to address the problem source if they don’t have any relevant resources. If they get to view the mobile session replay and UX analytics, then identifying and solving the issue becomes much easier for them. Once the interface issues get resolved, user engagement starts to increase.

Helps in Finding & Understanding Elusive User Behavior

Understanding user behavior can be a tricky task, but it has to be done if you want to boost your app’s user engagement. UserExperior’s tool can help you in understanding the users’ elusive behavior as it tracks every app movement of the user. From every swipe to every tap- you get every possible information that you should understand whether the user is happy with the app or not. 

The customer journey analytics presents the collected data in a consolidated form at the dashboard, making it easier for the developers to monitor and analyze the same. It enables product teams to make data-driven decisions that can further improve the app engagement.

Addresses Other User Problems

When thousands of people are using a single app, it becomes challenging to identify the precise reason that made some users leave the app. It may happen that some users are finding it difficult to navigate through the app or the CTA is either broken or placed at a wrong page section. The reasons can be endless, but to find them all is the main requirement. Mobile app analytics tools can be used to collect all necessary information, except the sensitive data, to find and solve the existing app problems.

People want to use apps that are easy-to-use and user-friendly. If you get this simple demand fulfilled, then user engagement will never be an issue for you. Their gestures on the touch heatmaps tool are enough to signal the developer of any possible glitch.

It can be taken into account on a priority basis, and timely actions can prevent the engagement from going down. To experience how UserExperior can help you increase your app engagement, subscribe for a Free Trial.

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