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Introducing User Journeys: Visualization and Analysis of Critical Journeys on Your App
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Introducing User Journeys: Visualization and Analysis of Critical Journeys on Your App

Bipin VK
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Conversion is a journey not a destination.

It's not just a word play on Ralph Emerson’s famous quote but sums up the importance of having a great digital experience on your app.

Your users take different paths to conversion. While some journeys are smooth, others may not be. So how do you analyze these experiences?

Our new feature, User Journeys is built to help you analyze issues that get in the way of conversions.

With User Journeys, you can see all the how users flow between various screens or events. Quickly spot inefficiencies in any journey. And analyze issues with session recordings and important metrics like engagement time.

How to Use User Journeys?

Click on any step of the journey to access more details below. This reveals all the related session recordings along with an overview of issues.

You can use the following filters on User Journeys:

Filter by Traffic: User Journeys by default shows the journeys with most traffic. These are journeys with the top 30% of your navigation traffic. This is done to avoid clutter and show top journeys for meaningful visualization. You can also choose to view journeys with all traffic or least traffic too.

Filter by Screen or Event: You can choose to see journeys between screens or events. If you want a specific screen/event, you have filter options like “Contains”, “Starts with”, or “Ends with” for that screen/event.

In addition to these you can also choose to filter by days, versions, and increase or decrease the number of steps.

All your existing data can be used for User Journeys. There’s no need to update the UserExperior SDK!

User Journeys is still in Beta. Our team is working hard to improve it and add new features like segmentation and more filters.

Have questions? Contact our customer success to get a demo of User Journeys.

Let’s look at a few scenarios where you can improve the experiences using User Journeys.

Onboarding Journeys

Onboarding journey can have a few screens explaining the value of the app and different ways to sign up like phone number or email. Some onboarding are more elaborate esp. those in finance apps where you need to collect some user data like KYC information. 

The User Journey feature will allow you to visualize navigation between various screens/events and check for roadblocks for onboarding conversions. You can easily differentiate between traffic flowing to sign up methods like email and phone number. Know what the engagement times on screens like OTP are like. And understand whether dropouts are due to technical or design issues.

Payment Journeys

A payments journey can have multiple steps like upselling additional services, applying coupons, adding/selecting personal details, and so on. User Journeys can help you get an overview of traffic through the events in payments journey. You can see how design changes improve or affect conversion. And get detailed information on any issues.

Note that UserExperior has privacy and security features to protect sensitive user information.

Hope you find this feature useful. Contact our customer success for a quick demo and Q&A. In case you need any help or have feedback please contact support.

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