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You have built a great app that could prove to be useful to a vast audience and you have a dream to make your app popular among users to boost conversions and engagement. But things are not working out the way you had pictured them to. This is where mobile app analytics platforms like UserExperior step in.

How can you be sure that your Android/iOS app will gain popularity and generate revenue too? Nobody can guarantee this. This is why app analytics is a must! Mobile app analytics platforms will help optimize user experience and app performance by providing comprehensive data to assess.

Building a mobile app is just the first step. The next thing to do is to evaluate how well your android app is faring in the market. Some questions to ponder on:

·         How much time have people taken to install your app?

·         How will people discover your android app?

·         What do they use it for?

·         How often do people actually use your application?

·     How many goals have you set for your application and how many of them have been accomplished?

UserExperior can help you answer all these questions. Mobile app analytics platforms help you increase the efficacy of your android app, boost user retention, enhance user experience and engagement, and lower customer acquisition costs, considerably.

Why do you need mobile app analytics platforms?

Android app analytics is important to understand how your android app functions and what you can do to attract new users. Usually, there is no prescribed category for in-app analytics. In-app analytics is required to develop your business as you scale. It helps boost user engagement also.

Along with boosting user experience, UserExperior tracks and solves in-app crashes as well. When app developers experience a sudden mobile app crash it highly annoys both veteran and newbie app developers and programmers. Your android business app is susceptible to crashing in case it runs across various platforms and devices and precise steps are not taken for its development.

Maximum organizations opt for a Heatmap tool to recognize the real issue which led their app towards crash down. A Heatmap tool is easy to utilize and brings out the real image behind an android app making it simpler for the developers to resolve in-app crashes.

How UserExperior Tracks and Resolves In-App Crashes

Crash Video Replay

UserExperior’s UX analytics tool records user sessions helping developers view the entire customer journey. The crash video replay feature help to understand the cause of the in-app crash.

Customer Journey Analytics

This provides a detailed view of user sessions in one dashboard. Developers can see how many app screens are impacted by the crash, how many users are affected, affected device models, and so forth. The entire customer journey analytics help developers know the real reason behind the crash.

Consolidated Stack Trace

Stack traces are produced with every sudden app crash. UserExperior app analytics tool gives access to comprehensive stack trace data on a single screen enabling developers to debug the in-app crashes swiftly.

ANR Video Replay

This showcases every session replay video where the crash occurred suddenly, to facilitate quicker debugging and resolving procedure.


An unexpected app crash can frustrate the users drive them to uninstall your app. Use UserExperior Heatmap tool to debug and resolve in-app crashes promptly.