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5 Brilliant Mobile App Design Trends in 2022
Mobile App Design

5 Brilliant Mobile App Design Trends in 2022

Anushka Mukherjee
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2022 is an exciting year for mobile app design. Android and iOS are both designs evolving faster. While Android announced Material You in Android 12, iOS focusing more on mobile first experience. But do you need to restrict your app to conventional designs? Here are a few mobile app design trends that you can take inspiration from to to deliver a better user experience.


1. Brutalism

Brutalism is not exactly for everyone because this style can make the mobile app not so conventionally seamless. However, the idea of brutalism is to be concrete and practical so it does not shy away from being “ugly”. The app will look blocky and probably something straight out of the early days of mobile app designing. But brutalism is seeing a future in 2022 for the fact that it is rooted in practicality. Many may ask why is this style trending? Because it does not pretend to be anything other than providing a service. In this day and age of information overload, this rawness and honesty come off as refreshing and hence this style sees a horizon of future amongst mobile app designers. 


There is another reason why people prefer this trend. Since it focuses so much on the core design, the time to launch and open the app will be significantly less. This design focuses on a good and practical UX and accessibility. This is what makes this design different from any other design style. However, it's popular to combine brutalism and some other style of app designing to make the app practical and show the brand approach as well. It's bold, revolutionary and is one of a kind.  


2. Minimalism

This trend is one of them that will see tremendous growth. The basic idea of this trend is simplicity and a minimalistic approach. This will be especially popular due to its seamless approach while being very practical. A good, simple, uncluttered mobile app is something that every user will appreciate and hence it is something that many app designers use.  Any user should be successful in navigating the mobile app and that is exactly where this design style can be used. 


This design makes the android app very simple and reduces the response time. A minimal design results in a quicker load time. Android apps are a tough challenge for developers because of negative space. In this design, negative space (white space between design elements) is given importance too. Minimalism design approach makes the app easy to use for any new user and hence this is a powerful approach towards designing an app.


3. Asymmetry & Abstract Geometry

Asymmetry can bring out the fun of mobile app design. It gives a rich and exquisite look to the app and makes the app look fun. The app looks much more refined and stands out amongst others and gives the app an element of fun. Just like Mary Poppins said “ in every job that must be done, there is an element of fun” And asymmetry is the element of fun in mobile app designing. 

With the increase of minimalism and abandonment of the skeuomorphic approach, designers experiment with geometric shapes to give the user a different experience and get the information to the user. The app can get the information across without being too boring while keeping the load time virtually the same.



4. Unconventional Text Alignment

Since a lot of app designing is being flat, to being distinctive in the market, designers are being non-conventional with typography and are experimenting with different approaches of typography.


Different typography that aligns with your brand and gives it a fresh look. However, it must be remembered that overdoing it can make the app a little difficult to use. But following a different route of typography is probably one of the striking ways to stand out without risking a lot.


5. 3D & Animation Illustrations

Our world is in 3D. This is the truth. And to raise eyebrows when one looks into an app, designers give minor but important elements an oomph factor by using 3D graphics and Animation. 


Now even though it makes the app have a longer load time, it's seeing a jump in popularity because of the difference it makes in the interface of the app pleasing to the human eye. It pushes the boundaries of the real and virtual worlds and with the rise in the popularity of metaverse, its popularity is also on the rise. 

At the end of the day, the main motto of a design style gives the app a touch of uniqueness while making the app easy to use. A good design approach is required not just to make the app look more aesthetically pleasing but also to have a better business prospect. In brutalism, the app is made accessible by a practical UX. In minimalism, the elements are minimal so the app becomes easy to use. Using Asymmetry and abstract geometry we can play around with elements to highlight the important services provided by the brand... using these you can make tweaks to design suit your app and branding.

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