New Feature: App Launch Time
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New Feature: App Launch Time

Bipin VK
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As promised in our October Newsletter, we have launched the App Launch Time feature.

Nobody likes slow launching apps. A slow launching app can affect retention and may also cause abandonment. So we believe this new feature will be quite useful to monitor your app's performance.

App launch time allows you to record accurate times for Hot and Cold launches. Let's look at these metrics briefly:

app launch time

Cold Launch

A cold launch occurs when users launch the app the first time or after the app was removed from the background. It is the slowest type of launch since there is no existing process up and running.

Hot Launch

A hot launch refers to when your app is already running in the background. In a hot launch, the device will bring your app to the foreground. A hot launch is usually faster than a cold launch because the app’s activity is already present in memory.

According to Google, your app’s launch time should ideally fall within these thresholds:

  • Cold launch should take less than 5 seconds
  • Hot launch should take less than 1.5 seconds

Monitoring your app launch times can help you create a better user experience.

Excited to start using this feature? Please update the UserExperior SDK to the latest version today! Update SDK Version ⭢

We are continuously improving UserExperior. And we will soon bring graphs to analyze app launch times at scale!

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