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New Indicators to Monitor Your UX Health!
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New Indicators to Monitor Your UX Health!

Bipin VK
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Introducing UX Metrics — indicators to keep a check on your apps’ UX health. We've made this feature to be intuitive, providing you with vital insights through three key indicators: Frustrated Sessions, Tolerating Sessions, and Satisfied Sessions. Let’s look at what they tell you.

Tolerating Sessions: These sessions involve users navigating through app albeit with some challenges. Examples include, sessions having high cold launch times or a slowed API, leading to a poor experience.There are no critical issues such as crashes or UI freezes. 

Frustrated Sessions:  These are where users face obstacles in navigation, potentially leading to drop-offs! Examples: API loading time crosses set threshold, app crashes, or cold launches of more than 5 seconds.

You can find UX Metrics on our Main Dashboard and as an indicator across our features: Session, Heatmap, Funnel, and API Performance. You can also include Tolerating or Frustrated Sessions in your Filters and Segments!

Here’s how UX Metrics appear on sessions:

Consequently, you can access these sessions along with the UX Metrics elsewhere on Funnel and Heatmap, and API Performance. For a detailed investigation, simply open the UX tab on the left in a session replay to gain specific insights into why users had either a frustrating or tolerating experience.

Connect with Customer Success team to learn how you can customize thresholds UX Metrics, please book your meeting here.

What’s next? We will soon launch Filters and Comparison for Heatmap to give you a more comprehensive analysis.

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