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Optimize Your Mobile App UX with Touch Heatmap

Optimize Your Mobile App UX with Touch Heatmap

Vimlesh Gautam
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Touch Heatmaps are one of the most useful tools to be used to read your users’ minds and understand their behavior patterns.


Android app analytics solutions like UserExperior sometimes proclaim having Heatmaps in their arrangement of tools, but what are mobile Heatmaps? How are they exceptionally competent tools to track user behavior?


These days, users have a wide array of options for their mobile applications. In this competitive market, you must know your target audience and how they utilize your app. Almost 88% of app users don’t prefer coming back to your app if they have had a poor experience. So, how do you ensure that the user's experience is perfect and what to work on in order to improve the mobile app UX?


It’s not possible to sit next to your users to watch while they interact with your app, so how will you find out what they are experiencing? You could easily overcome this issue if you opt for UserExperior’s Heatmap analytics solution.


Why Do Touch Heatmaps Matter For Mobile?

Touch Heatmaps are a strong, qualitative tool that enables you to see where your users are clicking and which parts of your user interface are getting the least and most amounts of attention. These combined, actionable insights permit you to analyze many features of your gestures and how they impact your app’s entire user experience. Moreover, you can test touch Heatmaps across various resolutions and versions of your app to acquire prosecutable insights on functionality and performance and compare usability. Touch Heatmaps also help you decide which areas of your screen are best for placing ads.


How to Optimize Your Mobile App UX with Touch Heatmaps

Now let’s have a look at how you can optimize your mobile app’s user experience using touch Heatmaps:


Optimize your mobile app UI

An easy to use and visually attractive app will bring clients in and keep them returning. With UserExperior’s Heatmap analytics solution, you can find out what is receiving the maximum user attention and what gets ignored. This is how you acquire a better idea of what all users expect from your app. Imagine a user is trying to tap on an image or a word that cannot be tapped. This is a great scope to add in a link to that area to offer the user what he is seeking.


Ensure better user experience

For instance, imagine you are using UserExperior’s session replay software to get an insight into user activities in your app. With the use of this tool, you can see if your app’s pages are sufficient and perfect for your users or not.


To enhance the user experience, you can make necessitous changes to your app right away with the help of our mobile app event tracking solution. This makes your app more prominent and creates a better impression on your users.


Your android app’s gestures might be physically small, but their impact on your app’s usability and entire user experience can be significant. With UserExperior’s real user monitoring, you can get to know your users’ preferences, retention rates, their activities while using your app, and expectations from your app. Hence, you should ensure to equip yourself with our robust touch Heatmap solution, to successfully track, understand, resolve, and optimize your mobile app UX.

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