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10 Product managers to follow in 2021

10 Product managers to follow in 2021

Vimlesh Gautam
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Knowingly or unknowingly, we all had someone at some point in our life, we have always looked up to. When we were young, it used to be our parents or favorite teachers.

Growing up, the habit never really changed. But the kind of people we looked up to did. 

(Oh I like the quality of this person. She is really great at managing a team and the list goes on.)

Saying that, this implies to our career as well. We unconsciously try to follow the road most taken and learn from people who have successfully done it before.

A lot of people feel inspired seeing them and that gives them a direction to start with especially when they are in the initial stages of their journey. 

As we are already discussing careers, Product Management is one such role that has requirements in almost every industry and we see a lot of product managers doing wonders already.

In this article, we will be talking about a few of those Product managers in India who are making a lot of difference in the product industry.


Tejas Vyas, Head of Product & Design at BigBasket

Tejas joined Big Basket when it was just a few weeks old. He has been an architect, tech lead, and had his own start-up previously. Tejas has been the backbone of building a farm-to-fork-model at BigBasket. From day 1 he’s been doing an incredible job in the Indian agricultural ecosystem by putting farmers at the cutting edge and adding value to the whole agriculture community out there.

Gireesh Subramaniam, Vice president of products at Freshworks

Gireesh, an ardent believer of Learning things by doing, did his engineering, had his own startup and happened to be a Product manager. He is now heading the support suites of products(Freshdesk, Freshchat, Freshsuccess,Freshcaller, Freshdesk omnichannel) at Freshworks. He is responsible for the revenue and overall product strategy and roadmap at Freshworks .

Lijo Isac, Vice president of products at Byju’s

Lijo worked as the product manager hire in multiple startups, mid sized and large companies and built multiple products from scratch. Lijo loves building and scaling products and leading high performance teams. He is keen on striving to work on products that are creating a positive impact on people. Apart from products, he loves food, football, walks and cycling.

Gunjan Suyal, Head of products at Just dial

Gunjan with 14 years of experience around software development and product management is heading the products at Justdial. She has a successful track record of expanding BankBazaar to international markets. She has also led products at multiple startups and companies such as mFine, BankBazaar and PayU.  Gunjan has Expertise in Customer Experience Management, Mobile apps & web, People/Stakeholder Management, Product Development, Growth & Expansion

Brijesh Bharadwaj, Director of Product Management, User Products & Growth at Dunzo

Brijesh started his career as the Co-founder of Tune patrol and is currently working on driving activation and retention for Dunzo. Brijesh is into building things people love and he is also great at coaching product teams. He has built products and teams in Hyper local delivery, Social and messaging, Content and AdTech.

Shivangi Srivastava, GM - New Initiatives at Swiggy

Shivangi, as the ex Vice president of Khatabook created a huge impact in the MSME sector by making the tech easily accessible and usable for the first generation tech users.  She is also known for her strong mentoring and leadership skills.

Nithin Rangarajan, Direct of Product management at ChargeeBee

Nithin, the Non-techie Product manager, loves building products to solve customer problems. 

He has around four years of experience in the Saas space and says he’s always been curious about UI/UX and User behavior. Spotify, Slack and Swiggy are some of Nithin’s favorite products.

Vakul Agarwal, Sr. Director - Retention, Product & CLM and Marketing Analytics at Grofers

Vakul is now heading Product and Customer lifecycle marketing, Partnerships and Loyalty, Analytics at Grofers. He is also responsible for planning and leading India's biggest grocery sale. He has been recognized as the top 50 influential digital leaders in India and also the Digital leader of the year 2018. 

Ranjit Radhakrishnan, Chief Product Officer at Byju’s

Ranjit leads the product vision, strategy and execution  at Byju’s that helped scale the company to $11B in value in a little over 5 years.Ranjit headed the product for two unicorn startups of India - Hike and Byju’s. He has deep expertise in consumer internet, mobile, digital, social, analytics, ecommerce and gamification.

Toshi Prakash, Vice president of Products at Locus

Toshi has around more than 15 years of experience in software development and product management. At Locus, she is heading a product team that handles the design, roadmap, strategy, marketing and scaling of the products. She is passionate about sustainable & Scalable Product designs, Intuitive User-experience, and Modular & extensible tech architecture. Notion, Spotify and Whimsical are some of her favorite products. 

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