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Monitor your app users with updated sampling and segmentation for recording [Product Update]

Monitor your app users with updated sampling and segmentation for recording [Product Update]

Bipin VK
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Binjal (name changed) had asked us for having more flexibility in recording rules. Her team didn’t want to record any unnecessary sessions. These sessions were from geographies outside their business operations or had trivial screens & events. She needed a special focus on critical journeys like onboarding and payments. And monitor only a certain portion of power users and already optimized screens.

Recording rules on UserExperior is an innovative solution. No other product analytics tool gives you this flexibility. Listening to Binjal and a few other product managers, we decided to upgrade it further. Here’s an overview with some use cases:

Important: To use the following features you must update UserExperior SDK to the latest version. Please check our documentation here.


Sampling is great because you can monitor issues for millions of users looking at a smaller percentage of them. However, random sampling has its limitations as it is difficult to sample a “miniature clone” of the total users.

If you want to monitor a sample of your monthly sessions, simply set the percentage by navigating to App Settings > Video Tracking Settings > All > Sampling. You can specify a percent limit after which UserExperior will process random sessions from the total number of sessions captured.


  • For any app version, do not record less than 10% or 10,000 sessions, whichever is higher. This allows you to have a low margin of error. 
  • You can enable sampling when monthly sessions are higher than 100,000.

Rule Based Settings

Rule Based Settings allow you to monitor what matters! You can increase your monitoring focus on critical areas and sample a fragment of sessions where things are already great.

To configure a recording rule go to App Settings > Video Tracking Settings > Advance Settings > Create Rule. 

You can create a recording rule for user screens and events. The events can be behavioral events like Rage Tap or custom events like Country. You also have the option to sample the rule and set daily session limits. You can easily toggle a recording rule ON/OFF at any time. 


  • If you switch all recordings rules to OFF, all recordings will pause!
  • Any recording rules created in older SDK versions will be marked as “Default rule”.

UserExperior will capture a session and generate analytics for the sessions satisfying any of the rules you create. 

Sample Use Case

Let’s say your Buy Now Pay Later app has amazing growth. However, you are worried about onboarding user journey design changes in the upcoming release. The signup page now has the option to signup using WhatsApp; the KYC screen hasn’t been end-to-end tested; and you have introduced an educational video banner for new users.

Using Rule Based Recordings, you enable a significantly large number of sessions for the new onboarding journeys. Older onboarding journeys and sessions from regular users who do not face critical issues can have a small focus. Hence, you get the most out of your session recordings!

Try upgraded Recording Rules and let us know your feedback!

If you need any assistance, please reach out to your customer success manager on chat or call.

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