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5 Pros and Cons of Session Replay Tools and Visitor Recording
Session Replays

5 Pros and Cons of Session Replay Tools and Visitor Recording

Vimlesh Gautam
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With the use of session replay tools and visitor recordings, businesses can easily record, save and replay all the interactions from the visitors on the site. Although the use of such tools is layered in controversies as they present some privacy issues, they surely have proved their capacity of offering the team of UX designers and online marketers an in-depth understanding of user experience of site visitors.

In this blog, UserExperior discusses session replay and visitor recording tools in brief. We will address the top 5 pros and cons of these tools to clarify the areas where they fall short and where they excel.

Visitor Recording and Session Replay Tools: In A Nutshell

As already mentioned, these tools help visitors record, save and replay all interactions they have on your site. After every individual session recording, developers can recognize their weaknesses and optimize the site to improve conversions and sales and enhance the user experience.

How Do The Session Replay Tools And Visitor Recording Work?

The prime function of session replay and visitor recording tools is to record visitors on a site because they click, scroll, type as well as navigate across various pages of the site. After evaluating the recordings, product manager and developers can spot glitches/bugs, which help them in website optimization. UserExperior iOS app analytics tool is one such example of session replay for mobile apps.

Top 5 Pros and Cons of Session Replay and Visitor Recording Tools

Why should organizations work with visitor recording and session replay tools?

Do these tools have more advantages than disadvantages?

Let’s check it out!

Pros Of Visitor Recording & Session Replay Tools

1. Consider individual visitor session.

2. Display real-time interactions of visitors on a site or a mobile app.

3. Assist to discover and troubleshoot bugs to improve the UX.

4. Understand as well as enhance onboarding procedures. Observe particularly where users are stuck in onboarding flows.

5. Examine and improve new pages or features. For instance, observe visitors’ reaction towards a new landing page.

Cons Of Visitor Recording & Session Replay Tools

1. Difficult to measure a lot of individual visitor sessions.

2. Privacy risk for personal visitor information.

3. Context is missing. There is no direct clarification from the visitor about their functionality. All their functions are left up to the business to figure out.

4. Time consuming to watch individual visitor recording and there is no certainty that every recording will offer worthy understandings.

Although there are some possible risks involved in the use of visitor recording and session replay tools, we can say that businesses can use these tools cautiously with the awareness of potential risks and ramifications. They must read the T&C of these tools that helps them make an informed decision.

UserExperior app analytics provides session replay for mobile applications. It helps marketers, UX designers & developers get perfect visibility of user experience. Moreover, it offers android Heatmap, iOS Heatmap, and android touch Heatmap analysis of user interactions to unveil usability problems that affect your app development.

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