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App Session Replay Tool – A Perfect Complement To Google Analytics And Other Quantitative Analytics
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App Session Replay Tool – A Perfect Complement To Google Analytics And Other Quantitative Analytics

Vimlesh Gautam
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Measuring and analyzing the real-time app and website statistics is crucial to success. Tools like Google Analytics, Adobe Analytics, and others are known to provide analytics data about your app or website. These tools focus on numbers alone i.e they focus only quantitative analytics; hence it forms only one part of the equation. They focus on providing app usage details i.e. how many users installed your app, or how many users registered, or how many users signed up or how many users dropped out, how many users purchased.

An app session replay tool provides the other part of the equation by focusing on the qualitative aspects of those numbers. These qualitative aspects can help you get answers behind the numbers i.e. they will be able to tell you why you have low signups, or why your users are uninstalling your app or why your users are dropping out without making a purchase. By using both the tools together, your core team members can get a lot of valuable data that would help you to improve the overall digital experience of your end users.

Google Analytics and Session Replay Work Best Together

If Google Analytics tells you the total number of visitors that bounced back, then session replay will tell you the reason why they bounced back. The heatmap tool comes with session replay that allows the team members to view the users’ journey through their own eyes. If Google Analytics discloses the number of total signups or purchases made, then UserExperior’s session replay will highlight the reason why other visitors didn’t take the desired action. When both sides of the equation are known, then taking effective actionable steps becomes a cakewalk.

Know how visitors are acting and why

Nothing can stop you if you understand the reasons why users behave in a way they always do. To get such valuable data, companies will require both analytics and real time mobile app analytics. Numbers and qualitative insights behind the numbers are two sides of the same coin that are vital for taking any major decision. Analytics will merely share the numbers, while session replay will show the recorded user journey making it easier to track and understand why users are behaving in a certain way and not taking any action. Mobile app event tracking also complements the data gathered by both the tools as it indicates the events, like touch, zoom, swipe, and others by app users. All this collected data is enough to give the answers to relevant questions.

Role of session replay

A lot goes behind the scenes to provide a seamless user experience. A session replay in addition to Google Analytics can:

  • Enhance positive user experience
  • Boost conversion
  • Optimize the app for better conversions
  • Faster troubleshoot issues reducing the time to fix.
  • Aid the relevant team in app re-designing

And much more!

You can check UserExperior’s heatmap analytics & session replay demo to understand how it works alone and in collaboration with other analytic tools. It is one tool that deserves to be in the toolkit of any organization that wants to deliver a smooth app user experience to its users

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