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How Can Small App Businesses Improve Customer Service?

How Can Small App Businesses Improve Customer Service?

Vimlesh Gautam
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The advent of modern technology has disrupted the way businesses function and cater to their customers. Be it well-integrated mobile payment systems, quick response QR codes or one-tap order processing; technology has revolutionized the way businesses serve their customers.

Consistent research and development in the field have also made it possible for both small and large companies to integrate and inculcate the best customer service practices into their apps. 

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Improving customer service on an app helps businesses attract and retain more customers, help them serve themselves better as well as create new streams of revenue. 

In-App Feedback and Surveys

Having app feedback forms makes a customer feel valued. In times when more and more customers feel the need to be an active participant in interactions with the businesses they deal with, in-app feedback forms help exchange honest point of view between the customers and app makers.

Small companies can gather feedback, solve user pain-points and nurture meaningful relationships with their customers through this useful tool. In-app feedback remains the most personalized and honest way to address a user’s complaints and escalate the way how you serve them. Asking users to fill up surveys on an app also presents a convenient way in which they can connect with your app. 

Add the Convenience Factor to the UI

Customers want to be more self-reliant when it comes to using apps, and this is integral to designing the kind of customer experience that stays with an app user. Apps that cater to relevant information and empower their customers during interactions and engagements reduce the role of customer support and free up the workforce to focus on core aspects of the business. Build your mobile apps so that it facilitates, provides information and viable solutions to a customer’s problems.

Small businesses must also ascertain that the mobile app is compatible with different devices. Provide your app users with instantaneous access to relevant company information, like phone numbers, mailing addresses as well as nearest stores. 

Some simple tips to improve UI and UX. To see more tips, hacks and facts, head to our Instagram.

Build Communities

Building communities like in-app communities or even discussion forums really help the app brands foster communication among their followers. Communities encourage customer engagement and serve as a resource hub for new customers looking to solve specific problems. App businesses can also leverage the insights from communities to know what challenges their customers face and come up with innovative solutions to cater to their needs.

In-app FAQs

App users are often delighted when they use a knowledge base to find basic answers to their questions. Small app businesses can create articles and tutorials that are reachable within the app. Curate a short FAQ section and write explanations for most common questions that your users may have.

Moreover, you can redirect your users to an email address for cases in which they need more assistance. Your aim should be to make it as seamless as possible, presenting apt information that a user may need, without letting them leave the app.

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Mobile apps have become the number one medium for businesses to engage their users and convert them into loyal followers. It’s time small businesses dawn an innovative approach towards improving the customer service experience on their apps. 

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