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Strategies For Online User On-Boarding And Engagement
User Experience

Strategies For Online User On-Boarding And Engagement

Vimlesh Gautam
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If you are involved with app development, you know that sometimes feature adoption can be the most challenging part of your task and you put all your effort into that feature. Creating features that serve users’ requirements is the first step to successful feature adoption. UserExperior shares some exceptional online user onboarding strategies that will help you develop a product that will engage your users!


As an app development professional, if you consider your users as the soul, heart, and blood of your app’s purpose, you must opt for a Heatmap app tool that makes sure your efforts of app development don’t go to waste.


User engagement and the strategies app development companies utilize to accomplish it are evolving. In this blog, we will cover some essential user onboarding and engagement strategies and how you can utilize them to satisfy your users, and enhance the user experience.


1. Analyze app engagement with a UX analytics tool

UserExperior’s out-of-the-box, affordable UX analytics tool has made it easy to analyze app engagement by the user. With such an analytics tool, you can get visibility into user engagement through app use.


This mobile app event tracking tool gives you precious insight into where along the user journey your app is succeeding and where it might be failing. It also helps you recognize where you require experimenting or running a user development procedure so your users can get the maximum value out of your app.


2. Know your users and their activities

This strategy associates with the users’ relationship making with your app. By identifying user activities in your app, it becomes easier to improve its user experience also. Our real user monitoring feature monitors real-time user activities and helps boost the user experience with ease.


3. Enable in-app messaging for better user experiences

When it comes to engaging users with your product, in-app messaging comes into play. In-app messaging is an extremely productive way of onboarding new users. This is effective because it is a great way of communicating with your users.


UserExperior’s user experience solution makes it easy for you to make changes to in-app user experiences and enhance user engagement. Now, using one of the best crash recording tools, developers can assess app crashes, bugs, and modify in-app user experiences.


4. Beautiful UX is not enough

A good UX goes a long way. Intuitive layouts, seamless workflows, and amazing interfaces make your app easy and usable. However, you should maintain your user experience to retain new and existing users. If your users are not happy using your app, they will not use it anymore. With the use of UserExperior’s session replay software keeps an eye on user activities and get to know about all loopholes of your app. You need to focus on having a great UX to create a happy user base.


Once you have on-boarded your users successfully, be it a new feature or your app as a whole, it depends on you to keep them returning for more. Our Heatmap app tool helps interact with your users and makes sure they have an exceptional experience. Schedule a Demo Now.

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