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The Importance of User Onboarding
User Experience

The Importance of User Onboarding

Vimlesh Gautam
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Creating a good first impression, however delicate and complex, is a critical component in an initial interaction. User onboarding is that crucial first interaction phase in the Customer Lifecycle designed to ensure a convenient connection with the user.

Nowadays, users demand a unique and convenient experience with the business and when not satisfied, they jump over to the competitors. The goal of user onboarding is to establish an understanding of the mechanics of the product and how important it is to the user. If this is demonstrated clearly and conveniently, there is a better chance to gain engaged customers.

The onboarding process is fundamentally a series of screens that navigate users through the app’s interface and operations. User onboarding allows companies to strategically communicate with their users, as well as facilitate an effective user experience.

These onboarding screens have three purposes:

1. Educate the user about the functions and benefits of the app

2. Allow the user to register their login details

3. Collect profile information that can be used to deliver personalised content and notifications

Types of Onboarding

Benefits-oriented onboarding:

This type of onboarding suggests the value the user derives from the app. It describes what the app is capable of rather than demonstrating how to use the app.

Function-oriented onboarding:

This approach focuses on app functionality and teaches how to use the app. It shows users how to get started with the app and how to perform common tasks.

Progressive onboarding:

This approach shows users new information as progress through the app. The information displayed on the screen is relevant to the page the user is on.

Statistics indicate that 21% of users only use your app once. This makes the user-onboarding experience crucial to minimize potential user drop-off.

User onboarding allows companies to optimize a user’s first interaction with an app. Creating an engaging first-time and positive user experience is fundamental to app success and assisting ongoing user engagement. Users quite often lose interest when a mobile app is difficult to navigate and ambiguous. Utilizing user onboarding helps make the first-time user transition convenient and facilitates user engagement.

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