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The Most Effective Way to Reproduce and Address App Crashes
App Crash and ANR's

The Most Effective Way to Reproduce and Address App Crashes

Vimlesh Gautam
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Mobile app users are an impatient lot, they need apps to start out in four seconds or less. According to a survey conducted by Dimensional Research, 61% of users expect apps to start out in four seconds or less and 49% users expect apps to reply in two seconds or less. Users are impatient with particularly recurrent issues, and are fast to abandon the app. An overwhelming majority will only provide a problematic app 3 chances. More than half the users uninstall or remove a mobile app with severe problems like crashes, freezes or errors. They blame the mobile app, the company that created it and more than a 3rd devalue a company’s brand once a mobile app crashes.

UserExperior monitors every interaction on your app enabling you to identify, analyze and fix user issues. It also features Mobile App Heat Maps to display user behaviour through heat map view and Real-Time UX Analytics to get a detailed summary of app usage from critical events to app errors. It’s an analytic tool that recreates sessions and replays videos with complete touch interaction of the users’ journey. Below we are going to discuss how this tool will aid you, a developer, UX Designer or Product Manager, to know your user’s behavior, fix usability problems, and accomplish improved user experiences.

Observe User in Real Life Situation

UserExperior session replay provides you with the power to check how users are interacting with your app in real-world situations. Being able to look at your users will show you the way the users handle your app  practically. In comparison, lab-based usability tests are costly, and often fail to imitate practical situations as they’re susceptible to the Hawthorne effect (i.e. users interact with your product differently when being watched). Furthermore, this will assist you to be proactive in helping your client rather than being reactive. And even when it’s reactive, you’ll have a context on client problems by observing their sessions which will help produce a much better experience for the users.

Replay App Crashes

A huge part of a developer’s time is spent debugging hours of logs to seek out the point where their app crashed. UserExperior ANR Session Replay will help to easily determine crashed sessions, permitting you to quickly see a stepwise video session replay of the actions up to the app ANR point. This time-saving tool aids in resolving the crashes faster and delivers an improved experience for your users.

Study App Layout on Different Devices

There is an abundance of mobile devices on the market, and each one among them has distinctive characteristics: screen-size, resolution, processor, storage, battery life, etc. How can you possibly produce an app that works thoroughly on every device without knowing what users are experiencing? Session replay allows you to examine what your app seems like on various devices and whether or not your app displays and functions properly.

Implement Contextual User Support

A good product should have good client service. However, when a client requests support, the support team often has little or no data of the issue’s context. This results in a long back-and-forth email exchange to dig for context before the support team can provide any helpful response to the user. Alternatively, if the support team has access to session replay to examine how the app was used and gather intelligence without even communicating with the client it would end up saving a lot of time and effort. This will not only improve the user’s experience by giving a quicker contextual response but will save vital time for the support team.

Session replay is a powerful tool to examine user behavior, improve onboarding, fix bugs and develop a better user experience. UserExperior provides video session replays for every user interaction in your app to study user experience issues as well as heatmap analytics to detect crash issues in your app.

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