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Top 11 Digital Experience Monitoring Tools
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Top 11 Digital Experience Monitoring Tools

Amritsawan Bhanja
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Whether it's user complaints, not enough engagement, or UAT of your new feature, you need visual insights to see through your users eye. But there are a lot of Digital Experience Monitoring (DEM) software to choose from. So we wanted to simplify your search. After going through 50+ tools, reading 1000+ reviews, consuming 20+ cups of coffee... we finally curated this list of Digital Experience Monitoring tools!

1.   HotJar

HotJar is a powerful tool that helps you observe the online behavior of your website visitors. By combining both Analysis and Feedback tools, Hotjar gives you the ‘big picture’ of how to improve your site's user experience and performance/conversion rates.


  • It is lightweight and easy to use. 
  • Provides comprehensive tools: HeatmapAnalysis, Session Replay, and Feedback


  • The UI isn’t optimized for long hours of recording viewing.
  • The heatmap tool feels dated.
  • The payment system is based in Malta making it quite difficult to pay through a corporation.

Hotjar has four pricing plans, including a free one(yay). The paid options include a lot more features like unlimited server storage, heatmaps, etc. The cheapest paid is just $39 per month, and it can go up to a whopping $389 per month.

2.   Pingdom

With Pingdom's real user monitoring, you can set performance levels for what’s considered satisfactory, so you can help ensure a seamless site experience for your customers.


  • Provides useful graphs for more info
  • It has a straightforward system
  • It is good for monitoring individual websites


  • It has minimal customizability.
  • Does not have detailed monitoring.
  • Coding and heavy number data can be difficult to work with.

Pingdom has a bit of a complex pricing structure. The pricing is dependent on the purpose you wanna use it for. The average pricing is $10/month or $120/year. It has two basic plans.

3.   VWO

VWO is a leading website and conversion optimization platform. It enables growing businesses to conduct experiments on their digital properties.


  • It helps tailor custom tests for unique scenarios.
  • Allows users to quickly build and implement tests
  • Has great customer support


  • It doesn't let you access multiple test data at once
  • Some tests eventually require custom code implementation

The pricing of this service is very competitive when compared to other services. The pricing is custom-tailored to your needs. There are three general structures to go for but all of them are customizable.

4.   AlertSite

AlertSite enables you to monitor your APIs effortlessly. Be it internal, partner, or public APIs - REST or SOAP.


  • You only need to configure it once.
  • It is easy to create a case for monitoring.


  • The support tea
  • It is very expm and customer team are not great to reach out to.

The pricing depends on the specific features you need. There are three different structures with each with custom pricing.

5.   UpTrends

UpTrends provides cloud-based performance monitoring. It also has Uptime monitoring and API monitoring, making it easier to test multi-step APIs and test your website using a real web browser.


  • It is very customizable
  • Provides a screen capturing tool
  • Provides a good notification/alerting system


  • The UI requires an update
  • There are some reports of problems regarding the payment

There are three payment structures and each is customizable. Each is tailored, made and priced according to the user, ranging from the starter pack for just $61 per month to enterprise-level for $54 per month.


6.   Sematext

Sematext Cloud is a unified platform providing all-in-one solutions for infrastructure monitoring, application performance monitoring, log management, real user monitoring, and synthetic monitoring. It provides unified, real-time observability of your entire technology stack.


  • The setup process is very easy
  • It has very optimized integration
  • The search function has great usability


  • You can't choose between different OSs
  • The UI takes time to get used to.

There are four payment structures and each for different circumstances. There is clear-cut pricing depending on which feature you are using and the duration of the use.

7.   AlertBot

AlertBot monitors all the multi-step processes - checkouts, signups, login areas, etc. It identifies bottlenecks where your users routinely experience errors, lag, or unresponsive behavior.


  • It does not require any technician supervision.
  • Has a fast alerting system
  • It is easy to manage, even without a dev team


  • The script generator is difficult to process
  • It’s good for only basic monitoring, not advanced enough

The pricing here is duration-based, unlike all the other ones that were utility-based. Within the testing duration, it will perform both TrueBrowser and Availability monitoring.

8.   AppDynamics

AppDynamics uses Artificial intelligence and Machine Learning (AIML) to provide real-time visibility and insight into IT environments.


  • It provides detailed web app monitoring
  • Seamless traceability


  • Pricier than the competition
  • It lacks in tech support

AppDynamics has a three-level plan starting at 6$/-month to 90$/-month. There are further additional benefits available at a little cost. Appdynamics accommodates custom pricing for special demands as well.

9.  New Relic One

New Relic One is a service that provides real-time performance visibility for each component of your website/app. It provides deep SQL-level diagnostics and helps in identifying bottlenecks.


  • Provides the ability to write custom queries against collected instrumentation data. ● They have great customer support


  • It seems intimidating to new users
  • The pricing is significantly high, and to layer on that. The pricing varies majorly on multiple factors.

The pricing details are a bit foggy as the plans are tailored exactly to your needs. But there is a free version, even though it is very limited, it’ll help you get an idea of the app before you invest in it.

10. Raygun

Raygun is a cloud-based platform that provides crash, error, and performance monitoring for your website/ app. It also provides you with real user monitoring giving you visibility of every user's section.


  • It can level of issue in the codebase that usually would require manual input.
  • Has excellent error tracking


  • The event grouping has reliability issues.
  • The pricing has changed and it has become too expensive.

Everything they offer is divided into three payment structures. They are affordable and offer a free trial for each feature.

11. LogRocket

LogRocket is a cloud-based (also has on-site) logging and session replay platform for JavaScript applications. This will help you track UX-related problems and enable you to eradicate the root cause of the bugs.


  • It provides real-time monitoring
  • Easy to configure and navigate the software
  • Good customer support


  • The UI seems very out-of-date
  • It had a performance on older builds, but new builds do seem much more stable
  • The CSS sometimes has issues reflecting back in the recordings

LogRocket has practical payment with a forever free plan too. But the free plan has limited benefits hence comes the paid versions. They too offer costume pricing for custom needs.


No one knows your application better than you. It’s time to have a more streamlined monitoring system. Invest in the tool you find the most suitable to accelerate your growth.

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