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Top UI/UX Designers in India

Top UI/UX Designers in India

Vimlesh Gautam
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Recently I came across a quote by Frank Chimero that said “People ignore designs that ignore people” and thought it couldn’t be more true. Then I started thinking about it and realized that (I am going to be extra dramatic here) what is design without the ease of use? A body without a soul? Or let’s keep it this way - music without a soul?

This isn’t the first time the whole idea of a better user experience struck my mind. I founded UserExperior the first time I started thinking about it. Now, I am not here with such a huge decision but still an interesting topic to discuss.

Designing products people like is a dream come true. I am going to talk about a bunch of them who are just nailing this. 

Saptarshi Prakash

Saptarshi, a self-taught UX designer from an engineering background. Sapta (as everyone calls him) loves to design, travel, and teach. He is a mentor and a speaker who delivered 50+ talks and workshops on UX at various places. He is inspiring a lot of young minds looking to start on design and user experience. 

You can find him talking interesting stuff about design on Youtube and is quite very well active on most of the social platforms available. He is the senior product design manager at Swiggy.

Gaurav Mathur

Gaurav is currently heading the design at Flipkart. You must have heard a lot of people talking about the Myntra app for its design and user experience. Well, he’s been heading Myntra for more than 2 years before he joined Flipkart. He has Co-founded a design consultancy and product development agency way back in Mumbai and Singapore. 

To him, understanding the business, the product, and its users is the foremost skill to be a great product leader. He is the Vice President & Head of Design at Flipkart.

Rohan Verma

Rohan is currently building the dream team that will build the best Service-Tech UX in the world as the Design lead of the Urban company. Bringing ideas and people together is his favorite part of the design process. Rohan is great at thinking, structuring, and storytelling.

He is the director of design at Urban Company.

Jay Dutta

Jay Dutta or JD is the senior president of UX design at MakeMyTrip. He is leading the experience design charter for the new MMYT group. He is also the Founder and the Curator of the DesignUp festival, the largest Design-In-Tech event of Southeast Asia. He has delivered talks at TedX, Collision, and multiple other conferences across the globe.

He is the Senior Vice President of Design atMakeMyTrip


Siddarth with more than 10 years of experience in user experience, is now leading the product and Design at HeadOut. He is one of the founding members of Instamojo. Siddarth feels “ Design is much beyond UI&UX. There are multiple ways to solve any problem. It’s not a two-way solution” (Credits: Instamojo). Siddarth is a famous Youtube personality where he talks about Design, Products, Startups, and Careers on his channel.

He is the Head of Product & Design at HeadOut.

Aman Mehta

Aman is leading User Experience at OYO across the globe. He is taking care of the creative team consisting of visual, interaction, service, and business designers. With over 18 years of experience, customer research, requirement gathering, and interaction design are his expertise. 

He is the Head of Design & User Experience at OYO.

Rahul Saini

Rahul Saini is currently heading the product at Paytm. Oops, he is the Design Sarpanch of Paytm.He’s also worked with some of the interesting brands like Tupperware, FabIndia, and Mosabaer. Rahul believes in three things - Iterate, Iterate ad Iterate. Iterate at every stage of the process and that is the only way to create products that people will love (Credits: HardCopy)

He is the Chief Product Officer at Paytm.

Suvonil Chatterjee

As the head of Product and Design for Ola, Suvonil is responsible, in his own words, “for every last pixel that reaches Ola’s users across the world.” In his 9 years in the field, Suvonil has previously led design teams for companies like Flipkart and Housing.com. Creative, energetic, and organized are just a few of the adjectives that his colleagues have used to describe their work experience with Suvonil. He was also the recipient of the Mantra Award for Innovator of the Year 2012.

Gaurav Joshi

Gaurav has now been the Head of Design for, Disney+ Hotstar for almost three years. He was previously working his magic for Housing.com where he worked in various design roles for 4 years. Not only a UX Expert, Gaurav is an amazing photographer, video guy, graphics designer and web developer. To get an insight into his other creative interests, peep a look at his personal website at joshigrv.deviantart.com

Anoop Joy

Anoop Joy is currently the lead designer for India’s leading business management app for MSMEs - Khatabook. In more than five years of experience with design, Anoop has worked and led design teams in companies such as Ola and Paytm. Anoop is also a long-time member and volunteer for the non profit ‘Little More Love’ - a youth movement which is bettering the world through little acts of kindness and love.

Divye Bokdia

Divye has recently joined Upstox as their Design head, after working as a UX designer in diverse domains for more than 13 years. His previous endeavors include working at AWS, Amazon, and NVIDIA among others. In his own words, Divye is driven by “empathy for users, passion to innovate and simplify, and incessant learning”. For the future, he is excited to work in VR, AR, Voice Systems, Education, and Healthcare. Not only an expert in UX, Divye is also known for business and content strategy. 

Adit Gupta

Joining Groww in December 2020 as the Design Director, Adit is now busy designing India’s largest and simplest investment app. With more than 8 years of experience, he has previously hired, mentored and led design teams at companies like Uber, Flipkart and Housing.com. You can check-out his work on aditsgupta.com and read his blogs on design and all things tech here

Abhishek Rane

Currently heading User Experience for Digital Products at Sharekhan, Abhishek has over 19 years of an impressive track record including almost a decade of hard work at rediff.com. His expertise is not limited to UE and spans over various disciplines including digital marketing, hands-on UI/UX design, front-end development (HTML/CSS), etc. Along with being hardworking, creative and a perfectionist, he is recognized as an enthusiastic and friendly person to work with.  

Sarun Sasi

Sarun has recently joined Licious as their Principle UX Designer, and boasts of an impressive and varied history of working with other big names like Bounce and Swiggy. He has also worked on contract basis with companies like housing.com and Flipkart. Making use of his expertise after having worked in the Food & Beverages, Finance, e-Commerce, Travel & Leisure, and Real Estate Industries, Sarun also volunteers as a mentor for young designers and aspiring professionals on platforms like UX Coffee Hours, adplist.org and Designed.org in his free time. 

Sruthi Sivakumar

Sruthi is currently the head of Design at Bounce, and in her 8 years of experience, has worked with various companies including housing.com. She believes that good research yields good design and is not afraid to take unconventional decisions. For Sruthi design does not end at the final product but includes the user’s experience of using the product too. She follows the mantra “Stay Hungry, Stay Foolish” which drives her to remain passionate and hardworking.

This is an endless list and I have been following quite a lot of them when it comes to user experience design. Will try to come up with part two of it and do let me know if you have any personal favorites. If you would like to know the reason behind my interest in user experience design, check this out - UserExperior

I have also written a similar article on product managers - 10 Product managers to follow in 2021

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