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Touch Heatmaps: The Future of Mobile App Usability Testing

Touch Heatmaps: The Future of Mobile App Usability Testing

Vimlesh Gautam
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Every click, swipe and tap that occurs on your app decides its entire usability. From swiping up to open a navigation menu or clicking to mark an item as favorite gestures are important bridges between your app and its end users. In case your users experience a slight amount of friction with your in-app gestures, they might abandon your app.

Hence, you need a mobile app heatmap tool like UserExperior to track the performance of your in-app gestures effectively and precisely.

So how will you do this? It begins with which kind of app analytics you are using. Traditional, quantitative analytics delivers you numerical data and it is good for offering an introduction to gesture use within your app. However, it doesn’t permit you to intensely test and visualize these basic user points. Ultimately, you require one of the best mobile app analytics tools that help you see the entire image of your gestures’ usability. This is where Heatmaps come into play.

What Are Touch Heatmaps?

Touch Heatmaps are visual, different overlays depending on the cumulative gesture info from your app users. The heatmap software usually uses a gradient from blue to red, with blue representing the lowest focal point of touch input and red representing the highest.

Importance of Touch Heatmaps for an App

A strong UI/UX analytics tool, heatmap software helps see where your users are clicking and which parts of UI are getting the least and most amounts of engagement. These aggregate, actionable insights help you measure many attributes of your gestures and how they impact your app’s entire user experience. Moreover, you can test Touch Heatmaps software across various resolutions and versions of an app to compare usability and acquire appealable insights on performance. Furthermore, this heatmap software also helps decide which screen areas are best for ad positioning.

The Relation between Usability Testing and Touch Heatmaps

An app’s usability testing necessarily means focusing on all UI elements and the overall user experience, to ensure the app is straightforward and engaging, that it permits users to go about their business fast and get an issue fixed instantly. This is what makes apprehending unresponsive gestures one of the backbones of modern usability testing.

Unresponsive gestures are moments where users interact with your app and their gestures don’t meet with any response from your app. Hence, this is a crucial problem for your app’s usability and needs instant action. Unresponsive gestures, if left unsolved, can spoil your total efforts.

Quantitative, traditional analytics cannot offer a helpful understanding of unresponsive gestures. Focus groups might come across these gestures, but they might not respond similarly as they would in the real world. They are supposed to examine your app; hence, their approach of unresponsive gestures might be irregular. Nevertheless, in terms of a real-life scenario, this could cause bad reviews in app stores, annoyance and app uninstall.

The impact of in-app gestures on the app’s usability and entire user experience is important. The slightest gesture that is faulty for users or unresponsive, can affect your retention and engagement rates. Hence, ensure to equip yourself with a unique iOS or android touch Heatmap software like UserExperior, to successfully understand, track, optimize and fix this vital app issue.

UserExperior is a mobile analytics platform that provides real user monitoring with its robust analytics solution, allowing you to optimize your app’s UX.

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