UserExperior Mobile Industry Glossary, All the Industry Terminology – All You Need To Know
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UserExperior Mobile Industry Glossary, All the Industry Terminology – All You Need To Know

Vimlesh Gautam
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Mobile app analytics is highly recognized these days. To be a master of app analytics you need to know the terminology of the mobile industry to the core. From app analytics to customer journey analytics, we will discuss all the must-know mobile industry terminology of UserExperior to get you up to speed.

1. App Analytics

Analytics data relates to your mobile app! Since apps are task-oriented, you must analyze the performance of your app using mobile metrics (such as users, sessions etc.). Understanding mobile app analytics - iOS or Android helps you create a wise mobile marketing strategy that persuades users.

2. ANR (App Not Responding)

When your app is unresponsive to user gestures and freezes! The long-running code usually leads to ANRs, which makes the UI thread unresponsive. Other reasons may be disassociated with the code, rooted rather than other elements like the OS.

3. Conversion Rate

The percentage rate of users who finished different types of actions such as registration, onboarding or in-app purchasing.

4. Bounce Rate

The percentage rate of users who open an application and leave it after only one-page interaction.

5. Crash Recording

The process of assessing and tracking in-app crashes (sometimes done through user session replay). For instance, an app is getting a high crash rate on a particular screen, you can watch crash recordings that showcase the cause of this crash, troubleshoot the problem and prevent every future crash from occurring. UserExperior offers one of the best crash recording tools.

6. Event

An interaction between the user and your app. For instance, a swipe on the screen, a tap on a button, a pop-up, in-app purchases or an app crash! You can track any event using a mobile app event tracking tool of UserExperior.

7. Session

The whole journey of a single user through your app in just one launch, from the time he/she opens the app to the time he/she leaves.

8. Session Replay

A breakdown or video recording of activities by a user over the app’s one single launch.

9. Offline Session Recording

When a user uses your application and he/she has earlier downloaded app materials and is now involved with your app with no Wi-Fi or data connectivity.

10. Touch Heatmaps

A visual representation of every gesture made by several users on a single screen in your app. Touch Heatmaps provide a clear and accurate visual analysis of the most and least focused areas on your app by all users.

11. User flow

A visual representation displaying in-app user experiences, the most and least focused areas on your app through real user monitoring.

12. Unresponsive Gestures

Usability problems in which a user swipes or taps on the app screen and the app doesn’t respond according to the user’s expectation, causing an unresponsive gesture from the app. If you utilize UserExperior’s touch heatmap tool, you can unveil the unresponsive areas on your app which users quit interacting with.

13. Usability Test

When you permit some test users for using your application and revert on their experience of it.

14. Customer Journey Analytics

A deep analysis to check the entire user journey in an app. Check how a user navigates through your app, what his/her goal is, and what makes him/her quit without making a purchase.

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