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UserExperior Session Replay for Mobile App Experience Monitoring
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UserExperior Session Replay for Mobile App Experience Monitoring

Vimlesh Gautam
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Mobile app session recording is one of the key features of UserExperior, a smart app analytics tool. It offers scope for viewing precisely what the user was doing on your app and how the app responded to user interactions. It records the entire journey of your app users while using the mobile application, including every gesture like tap, swipe and activity of each screen, enabling you to acquire an immediate understanding of the user behavior and experience of your app.

Top Features of Mobile Session Replay of UserExperior

1. High-quality video replay

The patent pending mobile session replay technology of UserExperior records all the user actions and is replayed in high-quality without impacting your users bandwidth. This recording helps replay the entire user session.

2. User Journey video

UserExperior auto discovers user journeys with the help of its customer journey analytics tool and replays the paths users take in the app. It also tracks dropout sessions at each step and replays the whole user session of both android and iOS mobile applications so it can be possible to seamlessly view the entire user experience and help in understanding where and why the users dropped out.

3. No privacy interruption

UserExperior during session recording ensures that customer privacy is not breached and does not record any sensitive information. There are pre-build features within the product which ensures masking of all sensitive information of the customer.

4. Lesser footprint

UserExperior’s patent pending session replay technology ensures that the recording is happening with minimal impact to the app. The mobile app session replay doesn’t impact the entire user experience because it consumes minimal device resources and it is light in terms of as well.

UserExperior Heatmap Tool Helps Get Real User Experience Insights

As mentioned earlier, UserExperior helps you in real user monitoring, capturing, replaying and recording of mobile video sessions and you can replay and view all user activities in an appropriate arrangement. In addition, it offers an understanding of how your app functioned against the activities of users. For an android or iOS app, this mobile app session recording tool has a unique feedback mechanism which helps you learn why the specific user performed the particular action while using your application.

Keeping the sensitive data of users completely safe, this real-time iOS or android app analytics tool records all user activities, every message shown by your app, all unloaded content, and other appropriate things. Since UserExperior follows no privacy interruption policy, you can give all app users an assurance of the complete safety of their sensitive data. Rather than recording sensitive information, your app can conceal data like passwords. Hence, app users can rest assured of 100% safety and security.

How UserExperior’s Mobile App Session Recording Helps Businesses

The video session replay of UserExperior tool helps businesses understand:

  •         The purpose of app uninstall or cart abandonment without completing a purchase.
  •         The accurate context behind the action of a user.
  •         The user activities, hence allowing the team to provide top-notch client service.
  •         The key reason behind the current app issues faced by a user, since it aids the   quicker resolution.
  •         The fraudulent activities (if any) on your app performed by users.

It’s Time to Identify and Solve Real App Problems through UserExperior!

If you wish to enhance your mobile app experience by pinpointing the real app problems that your users face daily, you must use UserExperior’s app analytics tool. UserExperior Heatmap analytics tool records and replays all live sessions of your app users so you can get insights into the users’ issue effectively and precisely. The real user monitoring alongside the Heatmap analytics helps your mobility team to fix these issues quickly. Want to know more about this analytics tool? Book a demo now!

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