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UX Analytics: What They Are, and Why They Matter
User Experience

UX Analytics: What They Are, and Why They Matter

Vimlesh Gautam
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Mobile UX analytics is the analysis and assessment of user activities on an application that helps understand how its design can be suitable to fulfill the present or growing requirements of end-users.

This analysis can be either qualitative or quantitative. Quantitative data analyzes what users do while using your app, such as clicking on a specific button, whereas qualitative data assesses why users perform that action. Both kinds of data are important to carry out a compelling UX analysis.

However the data and intuitiveness such analytics offers have no alternative for design insights. Data can pin-point such insights but it depends on you to make design decisions and draw conclusions depending on your knowledge and experience of the end-user. Here lie the perks of iOS or Android app analytics.

In this blog, UserExperior will discuss the ways of assessing data using heatmap analytics and other methods and tools to help you make design decisions that improve UX and enhance conversions.

Major Benefits of Mobile UX Analytics

1. Helps create data-driven designs

Analytics help you make more factual and wiser decisions about your approach to designs that are known as data-driven designs.

These designs are made using the data you collect from analytics and it helps you:

·         Optimize the user journey to reduce app abandonment

·         Locate the areas where users are quitting and why

·         Find out the most and least clicked areas

·         Rethink visual design to promote accessibility and usability

·         Rearrange and customize content to meet the user needs and expectations

·         Increase conversions and grow sales.

2. Help drive other kinds of user studies

The term ‘analytics’ usually depicts statistics, graphs and charts but data can come in many types. It can come as feedback from a discussion with the design team. What kind of questions do you ask app users? You can find it out using mobile app heatmap analytics. Simply make a user analysis that asks visitors questions. In short, user analysis is the single way to drive your design decisions.

Mobile UX Analytics Tools Offered by UserExperior

Some great UX analytics tools are there to help collect and analyze data that can notify your design decisions each step of the way. App analytics tools offered by UserExperior help you learn more about user behaviors.

Here are a few examples of various kinds of UX analytics tools and the type of data they will offer:

1. Heatmap analytics tools 

These enable you to visualize immediately which areas of your app are getting the most and least interaction by users.

2. Session recording tools 

Session replay software helps you go back and observe every user session to acquire an understanding of their behavior.

3. Real-time analytics tools 

 These tools enable you to see how your app users are interacting with your app in real-time. For instance, these tools may help you in real user monitoring by telling you how many users are visiting your app in real-time.

When an app provides a user with great experience, they come back to it.  UX design plays a vital role in providing all conveniences. Using UserExperior’s mobile UX analytics tool will help you ensure that your users will continue to utilize your app and have a great experience with it.

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