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Common UX Design Methods and Techniques
User Experience

Common UX Design Methods and Techniques

Vimlesh Gautam
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Within a product-focused industry such as the app development niche, research should be paramount. There are many UX design methods and techniques that help user interface and user experience designers narrow down on commonalities across our target audience members and recognize their collective needs, goals, and perspectives.

Stellar user experience design is the outcome of these carefully used UX design methods and techniques. These UX design hacks used by mobile app development experts can alleviate the level of the app. 

Heat Maps 

A highly user-focused approach while collecting website data helps businesses optimize the way they serve their customers. Heat maps are data visualization UX research tools that help businesses collect data on how users interact with an app. They depict how app users click, scroll, and move on the page. App designers leverage heat maps to collect UX data and validate their ideas. UX designers can revamp the user experience of an app product with data collected from heat maps.

Competitive Audit

Conducting a comprehensive analysis of the apps with the best UX design in the market is essential for creating successful user experience design solutions. A competitive audit lays out the existing features of a competitor’s product and draws insightful comparisons to help UX design teams. 

Stakeholders Interviews

Stakeholder interviews are fruitful conversations between UX designers and key stakeholders such as customers, bosses, subordinates, or peers.  These interviews result in a better understanding of the expected outcome, the Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within the app. 

User Interview

Using a popular user research technique to derive qualitative information from existing users, user interviews can be an app UX designer’s best friend. They allow a better understanding of the end user’s opinions. A typical user interview entails a meeting between participants and UX designers for a one-on-one in-depth discussion about a user’s view on various topics relevant to the project.

Heuristic Evaluation

A detailed analysis of a product highlighting the good and bad design practices in an existing product is termed as heuristic evaluation. UX designers can use such assessments to visualize the current state of the product and assess it based on usability, accessibility, and effectiveness of the experience.

Task Analysis

Task analysis is the review of specific actions required to complete a given task. It helps designers and developers in understanding the system and its information flows. With refurbished knowledge through task analysis, designers can allocate tasks appropriately within a new system.

Card Sorting

Deep-rooted in psychological research, card sorting is a popular ux research technique today. Designers write words or phrases on cards and ask the user to categorize them within hierarchy, organization and flow during card sorting. It is a simple technique to implement during UX research and is cost-efficient too.

Eye Movement Tracking

Eye movement tracking is a technology that tracks a user’s eye movements across the UI layout. It helps UI designers find out what keeps users interested on the screen. This kind of tracking can help improve UI design, improving the reading flow on the app.

Field Studies

Field studies encompass a number of techniques that involve observing users as they use the product. Ethnographic research, interviews and observations and even contextual enquiry are a part of field studies. When conducted properly field studies can yield valuable insights for UX research.

Expert Review

During the expert review, a single expert experiences the product design via the app User Interface (UI). They probe into issues that surround design, accessibility, and usability of the app product. The expert review can vary from a professional to another, even for the same product. 


UX design methods and techniques discussed above can improve the profitability of an app by spiking the retention rates and reducing churns. 

UX designers are free to choose which techniques they should pick to use in a particular project. We hope these methods and techniques for successful user experience design help budding UX designers.

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