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Ways to Improve App Customer Service

Ways to Improve App Customer Service

Vimlesh Gautam
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Simply put, good UX investments are those that eventually please the customers. Omni-present customer support on the app, not only impresses a customer, it builds loyalty and adds to retention rates. Customer delight is worth every penny spent on it as it eventually brings more business. 

Developing well-designed apps that do just what the customers want them to do is the best way to escalate the overall customer experience.

Well-designed UX weeds out all the probable user pain points even before they surface. In the long run, it means lower volumes of support calls. On the whole, UX techniques when used in combination with UX research ascertain that businesses build the right kind of apps for their target market segment. However, to apply User Experience (UX) to improve customer experience is easier said than done. 

While it holds the promise of bringing home handsome returns to an app business, using app UX to notch up customer service can be accomplished with these tricks.

Customer Service
Credits: Freshdesk

  • Maintain a Proactive Approach

App developers who leverage analytical tools like Heatmaps are the first ones to know when something on their app is amiss. The best next step to do would be to fix it right away rather than waiting for multiple users to contact you disappointingly.

Businesses must make it a point to inform users about the loop poles, about how the problem is being resolved and if there is anything they can do to accomplish their goals within the app. For example, customer support teams often push mails and notifications if a user experiences unplanned downtime when making a transaction. 

  • Understand Individual Customer Journeys

Finding context behind broken app experiences can help product developers improve the customer support they offer via their app. To improve the overall app customer service, app developers need to access general and specific information about customers and their unique needs.

App customer support teams are helping the app developers grasp the customer persona, their journey, their problems and helping them devise solutions at scale. Customer service teams track down all user interactions like questions, comments and requests chronologically helping them build context to user’s problems. This means when a customer reaches out for customer support, they are offered a very personalized solution to their problems.

  • Usability Testing
Credits: Usability Geek

Integrating usability testing into the app design process helps businesses gain insights into their target customers and their specific needs. Initial investments in usability testing can slash massive customer support costs that surface after app launch. It evaluates a product by testing it on a group of representative users to derive useful insights through their interactions and reactions to the app design. Usability testing enlightens the development team about hits and misses on the app from a user’s perspective.

Excellent customer support begins with exemplary UX that encompasses all the aspects of end-user interactions with the app. It gauges the user’s pain points and fixes them before they drive the users away. In an ideal world, UX design can eliminate the need for customer service altogether. 

So, if you find yourself still looking for ways to improve app customer services, begin with ways to improve your mobile app UX.

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