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What Does Good User Experience Mean for You
User Experience

What Does Good User Experience Mean for You

Vimlesh Gautam
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At times the term ‘user experience’ is misused and misinterpreted. To understand the true value of UX design, you must have a solid grasp of this term. Hence, let UserExperior cut to the chase: what does good user experience mean to you?

User Experience usually refers to how an individual feels regarding using a product. In our case, the product might be an application although the definition just gets you so far in resolving the query.

The Combination of Terms

A combination of terms is used when people discuss user interface design and user experience design, which leads to confusion about whether they are similar or not; however, user interface design is an element of user experience design.

A developer can design an app’s user interface using the guidelines of UX design. In short, UI just represents a part of the entire user experience. Another combination of terms is seen between usability and user experience.

Usability is involved with how simply an app is to engage with – not always but quite frequently, directly associated with the user interface.

For example, how spontaneous is the interaction? Definitely, an app with poor usability would lead to frustration, hence reporting a poor user experience. However, to refer to user experience and usability correspondingly restricts the whole scope of the term ‘User Experience’.

If your users are having poor user experience while using your app, consider using a Heatmap tool to enhance the entire experience.

What Does Good User Experience Mean?

Good user experience means:

1. Functionality

Imagine your eCommerce app doesn’t have search functionality. Imagine an app doesn’t have search functionality. A user opens the app and cannot find what he is looking for, so he decides to just use the search bar and find it’s not there. If your app doesn’t offer the expected functionality, that would affect a user’s opinion regarding it. He would certainly not visit a search-less app. UserExperior offers one of the best mobile app analytics tools that not just analyze your app’s functionalities but also improves its user experience.

2. Performance

In a situation where a user opens your app and it takes too long while searching for something in your app. He will be annoyed if the app does not respond and he needs to try again later. Stability and responsiveness contribute to the sense of how much a user enjoys using your app. UserExperior’s session replay software captures and records the user activities in your app, making sure to enhance the user experience.

3. Trust

Your app’s good user experience enhances users’ trust in it. Entering the most personal data such as contact number, credit card details, etc needs a reliable relationship between you and the user interface asking for that data. The real user monitoring feature of UserExperior’s Heatmap software improves your app’s user experience and grows an authentic connection between users and your app.


UserExperior helps understand app crashes faster with its app crash recording feature. This is how it provides a complete understanding of what it feels like to be involved with an app. If you don’t develop an app that people prefer using, they won’t use it and eventually uninstall it.

Want to explore more regarding the user flow journey and enhance your app’s user experience? Delve into the real-time app user experience with UserExperior’s customer journey analytics!

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