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What is Real User Monitoring and Its Advantages
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What is Real User Monitoring and Its Advantages

Vimlesh Gautam
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Real user monitoring is the ability to monitor your digital users/customers experience in real-time. There are many solutions which focus on real user monitoring such as performance monitoring tools or tracking tools that enable the developer to identify the source of the problem.

No matter how much time you spent on developing a top-notch app, there are chances that it may have some glitches that ultimately disrupt the user experience. A real user monitoring tool embeds a shortcode in every app or web page that allows the tool to collect data directly from the users’ browser or app and display the same on the tool’s dashboard.

UserExperior is a similar real user monitoring tool for monitoring mobile app users' experience. UserExperior monitors the digital experience of mobile app users in real-time and provides insights regarding the obstacles experienced by users. 

UserExperior session replay tool helps app developers to instantly understand and reproduce app crashes and errors which makes fixing the issue a swift process.

UserExperior heatmap tool allows the front-end developers and UX-UI designers to detect and address the usability problem within minutes. It also helps in real user monitoring that saves a lot of time earlier spent on identifying the problem, rather than solving it.

If you are apprehensive about investing in this tool, then you should know more about its features and how it can boost the productivity of your team and enhance the user experience simultaneously.

Advantages of Real User Monitoring

From app crash recording to customer journey analytics– you can get it all on this tool. The primary and most important objective of this tool is to ease the developer’s troubles. It lets app developers identify and discover the performance fault, even before the user faces it.

Some of the advantages of using the UserExperior tool are:

1. Full & Real-Time Visibility into the App & Web Performance

With real user monitoring, you can experience the app user journey precisely the same way your users do. It allows you to trace issues within the app and rectify the error before the user faces impact. Even a simple JavaScript error is enough to cause significant performance problems. Hence, it is essential that you use real user monitoring to identify any existing error and do the needful.

2. Increased Developer Productivity

Engineers must devote their time towards problem-solving, instead of manually finding them. UserExperior’s tool understands the importance of time and productivity. Hence, to efficiently solve problems, a tool was created that is more than session replay software. The tool will crawl the app and notify the team about the performance problems so that your entire team can dedicate their time towards enhancing productivity.

3. Tracking High-value Pages

It is usually a lead engineer’s responsibility to prioritize fixes. Real user monitoring helps the lead engineer to discover high-value pages that require instant fixes. Some examples of high-value pages are the payment page and the signup page.

You can also check the high-level charts, android app analytics, and other relevant metrics to keep an eye on the health of your app.

When all these advantages are weighed, seamless user experience is guaranteed. It also helps in reducing and controlling the cost of acquiring a new customer and instills higher confidence in future version releases. To feel the change and experience the benefits, you should take a Product Trial.

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