Session replays: How to optimize user experience using session replays?
Session Replays

Session replays: How to optimize user experience using session replays?

Vimlesh Gautam
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Session replay is a method of recording a website or mobile app screen and all the user’s actions while a user is navigating through the website or the app. Session replay is the best method through which you can identify UX issues experienced by your end users on your applications. Using session replay of your users, you can see how your users really interact with your application and collect the insight required to fix any bugs or user experience issues to help improve conversions on your application. Session replays are also termed as session recordings & app session replays.

Session replay will replay the minutest of interactions by your user on your application for e.g. On websites it will show complete webpage rendering, mouse movements, clicks, scrolling & navigation across web pages. In the case of mobile apps it records the screen rendering, user gestures, events, pop-ups, error messages, rage taps, swipes and navigations across screens.

What are the key use cases for which Session Replays can be used?

Understanding your users experience

Watching user behavior, is like looking at your application from their eyes. This helps you empathize with your users and understand areas where they are getting stuck. Just by watching a few session replays immediately helps you understand how your users are using your app and what is preventing them from making a purchase.

How users interact with specific elements on your website or mobile app

Gathering insights to which screens your users are spending more time in your website or mobile app helps you uncover usability issues. Session replays then allow you to know what caused your users to spend more time on a screen where they are not supposed to be spending much time. Knowing what gestures users are using on your app, are users zooming most of the times or they are using a double tap instead of a single tap.

Discover issues and bugs in the website or mobile app

Getting session replay of sessions where users have experienced an error helps to reproduce the issue faster. App developers can watch session replays of users who have experienced an app crash, allowing them to go beyond logs from crashlytics and understand how an app crash occurs. Session replays help tech teams to reduce time to fix bugs.

Understand Why users are abandoning your website or mobile app

Watching users who dropped out from your funnel without buying allows you to know if there was an experience issue which prevented them from making a purchase. Session replay is also very useful to know,  Why users have uninstalled your mobile apps.

Brings all teams together on a single page

In almost all organizations each team has their own set of tools to monitor the customer, however each tool presents a different view making it difficult for cross team to know what needs to be fixed. With session replay in place all teams are watching what the user is experiencing on your website or mobile app, thus making it easy for teams to identify and address the real problem.

Session replays can be used for various other use cases such as improving customer support, fraud analysis and user audits as well.

Check out the best session replay tools for 2021

UserExperior mobile app analytics is a solution which provides session replay for mobile apps. It helps product managers, app developers, UI-UX designers & marketers get a visibility of their end user experience. It also provides mobile app Heatmap analysis of users interactions, which uncover usability issues that impact the growth of your App.

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