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Why Touch Heatmap Is Essential For B2C App And E-commerce Business?

Why Touch Heatmap Is Essential For B2C App And E-commerce Business?

Vimlesh Gautam
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The heatmap tool significantly helps E-commerce or any other B2C business model that revolves around providing seamless customer experience. The aim of such businesses includes providing the best experience to their users so that they can get customer patronage in the long run. However, human behavior is complex, and even the slightest of change can affect the business on a large scale. To ensure that it doesn’t happen with your business, you should always be aware of your customers’ online behavior. 

The way your customers use your app and website can tell a lot about their preferences and dislikes. If you can understand this behavior, then you or any other B2C business owner will never face any trouble regarding their customers.

A heatmap tool is the best solution to all such problems. It uses real user monitoring to track every single user movement on the app and website. This heatmap data collected can help businesses understand friction points on their apps or websites which confuses your users or frustrates them.

Check out how touch heatmaps can significantly benefit e-commerce or B2C business models.

Studying Important Pages to Draw Useful Data

When it comes to either an e-commerce website or a B2C app, people often overlook pages like the cart page, profile page, and more. These are the pages that can give crucial data regarding the existing customers with the help of dynamic touch heatmap tool.

How does the user navigate the site or app before adding products to the cart or before buying them, where does the user click or tap before proceeding with the payment option, and what areas draw his maximum and minimum attention are some of the essential information that can be obtained with the help of heatmap tool.  UserExperior’s touch heatmap also provides relevant android and iOS app analytics that helps in knowing the customers even better.

Analyzing Page Insights for Getting Conclusions

As e-commerce or B2C business, you should plot dynamic heatmaps on all pages of your site or app to get useful customer behavioral data. For example, the heatmap analysis of the “my orders” page can provide immense value. Using the UserExperior heatmap tool can help you understand if users are getting confused by analyzing their gesture sequence.

It can help you insights to which controls in your app are not working and end up frustrating your users most. The customer journey analytics can also be viewed from the main dashboard for real-time insights for all such pages. You can collect all such information and analyze the same to find out which elements are getting your customers’ attention and which are being entirely ignored. This data can be used to your advantage, and appropriate steps can be taken towards sustainable growth.

UserExperior has created a top-notch heatmap tool whose mobile app event tracking feature can keep you updated of every single user movement on your app. You should try the free trial to see how UserExperior’s tool actually helps the B2C businesses in strengthening the ties with their customers by improving the user experience on their digital storefront.


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