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 World’s First Mobile App Heatmap analysis drill-down into video replays

World’s First Mobile App Heatmap analysis drill-down into video replays

Vimlesh Gautam
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Heatmap is a very important tool beneficial to Product Managers & UI/UX teams to fetch deeper insights on actual user behaviours. Most of the user behaviour technology today is restricted to events which are passed in analytics tools. Event based monitoring provides behaviour insights based on passed events, but what happens between events is a very critical parameter to get a deeper behaviour insight. What do users do when they are on a screen?

Do they tap on the back button or do they experience any confusion? Are there any controls which users interacted with that did not work, due to which users performed a different action? These behaviour insights and Ux friction points are better discovered through Heatmaps.

UserExperior Heatmap tool enables Product Manager/UI-UX teams to understand user behaviour and also enable them to drill down from a user gesture into a video replay of that user. This video replay then enables them to know why users are behaving in a certain manner.

Click on any of the interactions on the Heatmap to watch the video replays

For e.g. you notice RAGE TAPS in a certain area of your app and you would like to find out WHICH users are getting impacted?

and WHY are they performing these interactions?

With UserExperior Heatmap drill down feature, you will now be able to drill down into those user sessions who RAGE TAPPED and by looking into their video replays you will nail down WHY they are performing these interactions.

List of users who performed those app interactions.

This drill-down feature is available to all our customers and does not require any SDK upgrade.

The exact user interaction which was not responsive.

Here is a short video of Heatmap drill-down feature UserExperior - Heatmap

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