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6 Best tools for Android Crash Reporting
App Crash and ANR's

6 Best tools for Android Crash Reporting

Vimlesh Gautam
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Are you a developer, a product guy, or from the support team? Then you know very well that there couldn’t be a more frustrating experience for your user in your app than to see the message “the app is not responding” on the screen.

With that arises a lot of questions like, why does this happen? How do we fix it? In this article, we discuss a few of the Android crash reporting tools.  


Before we dive into that, you should understand the reasons behind it to make the right decisions for your app.

What is ANR?

ANR or App not responding, this event happens when the app doesn’t respond to the input given by the user within 5 seconds pushing the app to an unresponsive state which we usually call ‘hanging of the app’.

ANR vs Crash

There has always been a blurred understanding between two similar events in the app called ANR and the app crash. But they are not the same. ANR leads to an unresponsive state of the app giving the user a choice to leave the app or wait for it to respond.


The crash in turn leads to the unexpected closing of the app.

The reasons for the app crash could be different ranging from insufficient testing or poor memory management, but it is vital to fix the errors that caused the app to crash as the users are unlikely to return to the app that has given an awful and unsatisfactory experience.


The tools that help find the cause of the app crash, and provide the data necessary to repair the errors that caused them are called Crash reporting tools.


Coming back to fixing the app crashes, it used to be a huge task to put in the time, energy, and efforts to analyze what had gone wrong? Why did that happen? But now with lots of crash reporting tools, it can be done in a jiffy.

While there are a number of tools available in the market, it is necessary to choose the right one for your business.

How do you find the right one? So here we are with the best android crash reporting tools to help you with the heavy lifting.


Crashlytics helps discover the reasons that caused the app crash and provides the analytics behind it. The interesting part is it reproduces the exact line of code that had caused the crash.

It supports both android and ios apps and it is very easy to integrate.


UserExperior, the visual UX analytics platform can instantly reproduce the broken experiences inside the app. Not just that, it gives a detailed picture of the events before and after the crash.

With the help of UserExperior, you can easily find the error and fix it instead of asking your users to share screenshots.


Crash Catch focused on solo developers and startups, it is to the point in delivering the exact error code that had caused the app to crash. Designed to be lightweight, it is easy to use and currently has official support for android.


Sentry, the app monitoring and crash reporting platform help diagnose, fix and optimize the performance of the code. It gives visibility to the trail of events that led to the error and can also identify them as errors addressed before and are introduced for the first time.


Instabug tells you exactly why your mobile app is crashing and can also give you the view of aggregated crash reports based on the severity of the event and the frequency of it to help with the development of the overall experience.


Countly helps in real-time tracking of the fatal and non-fatal crashes in the app. It gives detailed stack traces and sends custom log information making it easier for the developer to fix the errors.


As a lot of businesses are turning out to be app-centric, it is important to give your customers a fruitful experience throughout the user journey. These tools ensure that providing real-time data on the errors helps to build a better customer experience however it is essential to find the tools that suit your business.

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