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9 Ideas on How to Reduce the Bounce Rate with Heatmap App – All You Need To Know

9 Ideas on How to Reduce the Bounce Rate with Heatmap App – All You Need To Know

Vimlesh Gautam
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If your website has issues with the display, content, graphics, or any other aspect, then there are high chances that the visitor will exit your site and return to the search engine results. A heatmap tool will help you identify at what point the user left the mobile App/site. Every time a visitor leaves your Mobile App/website without visiting any of your interlinked or any other webpage, then the event is termed as “bounce,” Higher bounce rate indirectly affects many factors that are known for affecting the site ranking. 

UserExperior provides robust heatmap analytics and other features. It can be used to detect the real reason behind the bounce rate. We have listed nine most useful ideas below, that can help considerably in diminishing the bounce rate.

1. Make Content Easily Legible & Accessible

To make content legible, you have to choose the right font, size, and use shorter sentences. Other points to focus involve the correct CTA placement, easy navigation and better decipherable. If the bounce rate doesn’t lower even after making these changes, then check the real user journey or UX analytics to know what went wrong.

2. Use Strategic Interlinking Method

Interlinking a page with the relevant internal webpage(s) is considered to be a good SEO practice. But some people fail to take advantage because they overdo it. While interlinking the pages, make sure that you link only relevant pages. Also, try to keep the number as low as possible.

3. No Plagiarism

Users nowadays are smarter than you think. If you try to dupe them through copied or fake content, then they will instantly leave your website. Try to publish fresh and useful content that makes visitors stay on your website for longer and return looking for more.

4. Add HTML Tags to External Links

The advantage of using HTML tags is that the external link will open in a new tab, while your website page will remain open in the previous tab.

5. Optimize Internal Links 

In the 2nd point, you already found out that using too many interlinks should be avoided and link placement is a key significance as well. To optimize the internal links, you should connect your new content with the old ones, if they are still getting traffic. Also, try to strategically add internal links at the header and footer of the page.

6. Experiment with the CTAs

Having the same CTA throughout the website can make your site look dull. Experiment and change the CTA frequently and monitor what changes it brings along.

7. Boost Your Website Speed

If your website has low loading speed, then you are sure to lose many visitors. You should take steps to improve your site speed. If you still face a higher bounce rate, you can use the website or mobile app heatmap to identify the precise problem.

8. Don’t Just Add Text Content

To attract visitors and make them stay, you should add podcasts and video content on your website. This one step can drastically reduce the bounce rate and boost engagement.

9. A/B Testing

You can monitor and analyze the user behavior to identify which part of your website is getting good engagement and which is not. You can even find out the exact point where the visitors are leaving your site. Analyze the collected data and perform A/B testing. It can improve the bounce rate.

If you thought a heat map tool only helps you with app crash recording and mobile session replay, then you’re wrong. UserExperior’s tool has all the relevant features that can help you identify user behavior, section-wise performance, and many other metrics for enhanced user experience. These features collectively will help you in improving your bounce rate.

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