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Mobile App Heatmaps: Benefits and Common Issues for App Optimization

Mobile App Heatmaps: Benefits and Common Issues for App Optimization

Vimlesh Gautam
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Enhancing your apps user experience has proved to boost conversion rates and retain users. However, at times it is the most neglected aspect. Most product managers focus on improving experience through in-app notifications/push notifications to increase conversions. They fail to realise that if the quality of the users journey was dissatisfactory it will not only impact the app conversion but also not yield the ROI that you are trying to derive from push notifications and campaigns.

As your app grows in user base and with newer functionality, it becomes very difficult to optimize the experience just based on limited user feedback, but luckily you have a mobile app heatmap software. UserExperior discusses all that you should know about heatmaps, how they can improve app optimization, and what common issues can come at the time of a heatmap-enabled app optimization process.

What are Mobile App Heatmaps?     

Mobile App Heatmaps are a visual overlay of colors for every screen of an application indicating areas where interactions have happened most or the least. To create these visuals, heatmaps combine interaction data. Heatmap’s red parts are the most engaged areas. Blue parts are the least interacted areas. Heatmap provides a visual view of your aggregated users’ interactions.

Benefits of Using Mobile App Heatmaps     

Every app element works towards producing traffic. If you want all elements to perform collectively and find out all underperforming components, you must use UserExperior’s heatmap tool.

Using our heatmap software, you can boost the performance of every element, performance of your app, conversion rates, and traffic. Moreover, it maximizes the time users spend on your app.

Here are a few benefits of adopting heatmap software for your app:

Usability testing

Our heatmap software helps you see the most and least used functions of your app by visitors. To boost the performance of regularly used app elements, you can maximize your app’s usability and boost user experience. It also helps you identify if your users are confused and are experiencing unresponsive interactions and or rage integrations which indicate user frustration.


Heatmaps work amazingly when it comes to finding out the most focused elements on your app. You can place them in the sections where you need maximum attention from your visitors. By using heatmap software, you can boost conversion rates and ROI. Moreover, if you find that your screen elements are not grabbing visitors’ attention, you must optimize them. You can change them according to your user’s interaction.

Online cart optimization

Products added to the shopping cart are ready to purchase. Hence, this process must be seamless and you should optimize this page for better conversion. If you have an android app, you can use android touch heatmap software for placing all necessitous elements and highlight them. However, while making a change, make sure to see how it impacts the UI and UX by monitoring newly created heatmaps.

UserExperior Offers the Best Mobile App Heatmap Tool

There are many mobile app analytics tools popping up daily, but finding the right one is difficult. Building analytics for mobile applications is quite complex also. UserExperior is one of the most advanced and affordable heatmap software products.

We are one of the market leaders for heatmap tools and maintain the industry standard for android and iOS app analytics. With UserExperior, you can perform heatmap analytics.

Common Issues for App Optimization

You should define app optimization goals before starting, as it will set a clear focus and goal of your optimization. Most teams will not plan in advance as to what they are looking to optimize and end up working on many optimization priorities at the same time.

Now that you know all the advantages and common issues, don’t you want to give our mobile app heatmap tool a try?

You can book a demo by contacting us here. Share your thoughts with us!

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