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How to fix user frustration using Heatmaps?

How to fix user frustration using Heatmaps?

Vimlesh Gautam
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Today, there are about 2.56 million apps on the Google play store and 1.85 apps available on the apple app store. Your business owns an app and even if you are a little below your user’s expectations, you are going to be out of the mobile game.

But how do you stay on top of your user’s expectations with the product?

The answer is simple. Try to give them the best experience with your app and do not let them get frustrated. Like never.

Users tend to feel frustrated when there is no response when they click something on the app (App Not Responding) or the app closes all of a sudden and they are just thrown out of the app (App Crash). 

In both cases, the users go through an unpleasant experience with the app and there are very low chances that they want to return to the app.

In this article, we will be discussing how to identify user frustration in the app and how to fix the issues with the help of Mobile heatmaps.

How to identify User frustrations in your app?

When the users get frustrated, there are a few gestures they tend to perform.

They are usually continuous taps on elements of the app that don’t respond, long press, and eventually quitting the app.

With the help of mobile app Heatmaps, we get insights on the users’ every single action in the app that made them behave that way.

Rage taps Heatmaps

Rage taps give the team a direct measure of the user’s frustration in the app. When a user clicks on something in the app but nothing happens, He/she continues to tap that unresponsive element multiple times and leaves the app. Rage taps help to visualize these frustrated actions.

Long press Heatmaps

This helps in identifying the long presses on the user’s screen. It is an unexpected action from the user and Long press Heatmaps helps in identifying the element on the screen that led the user to take this action.

There are also other features in the heatmaps that help us in understanding the user behavior in the app. And they are

Quit touches

These touches detect what exact event has led the user to quit the app.

This also helps in segmenting the problem that may either be due to crashes, or any other UI issues in the app.

Unresponsive touches

This helps in uncovering the unresponsive elements in the app that made the user leave the app. This also gives the details of the unintended actions of the user.

As we have now understood what causes the users to get frustrated and how to identify them using Heatmaps, we will discuss how to fix the issues that cause the poor experience for the user.

How to fix user frustration using Heatmaps?

As the mobile Heatmaps provide the insights that reveal the events that cause unwanted app behavior, other UX tools along with Heatmaps help in understanding the user behavior on the screen and fix the elements that cause the issues.

Heatmaps + Session Replay

Heatmaps are aggregated data of a user’s behavior in the app.

Heatmaps help teams visualize the data on at which point the user got frustrated, the session replays combined with heatmaps uncovers each and every user’s set of actions right before quitting the app. This gives the team a clearer idea of user’s interactions across multiple screens in the app. You can go ahead and work on the exact errors instead of just making assumptions.

Heatmaps + Crash analytics

You get insights on app crashes and errors with Heatmaps. When Heatmaps are combined with crash analytics tools, you get to replay the screen actions to see which element has led to the crash even for a specific user. With this, the support teams can resolve tickets much more effectively without having to ask users for screenshots and make them feel more frustrated.

Rage Heatmaps

When a user taps more than two times on an element, it is counted as Rage taps and nothing could give a deeper understanding of the user’s frustration than rage taps. 

With this, you can easily find out which element has caused the user to perform multiple taps and optimize them. You can also test different elements to find out what works better and whatnot.

You can download this guide on Heatmaps to learn more about them.

If you are from an E-commerce background and are curious how you can optimize your E-Commerce app using Heatmaps, check this out.

You might have an amazing product, a well-thought-out design in place, but if your user is not satisfied with the whole experience of your app, it is not going to add any value to them.

Take a step back, analyze and try to understand your user behavior. Do anything and everything that is going to give them the best user experience ever.

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