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How to Integrate Customer Service in Mobile Apps

How to Integrate Customer Service in Mobile Apps

Vimlesh Gautam
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Some young app businesses go viral overnight, whereas millions of apps fail to sustain the competition in the app markets. Scenarios like these give mixed signals to app owners. What is it that makes an app business stand out among competitors and be successful in a short span of time? We have summed up all the answers to your reverie in this article (Here’s your golden ticket).  

Customer service is the most significant customer loyalty factor that attributes to business success today. 45% of consumers are willing to pay a higher price for assistance if it promises better customer service. In hindsight, as the business scales and user base grows, it’s likely that a mobile app business will have to deal with a more significant number of tickets. 

While some customers reach out to the business only when they need technical help, others may be eager to provide feedback. Then there is some user who is keen on learning more about a company or its services. There can be phone calls, tweets, messages or even critical reviews from customers who have an unsatisfactory experience with their app.

Improving customer service in mobile apps helps lower the number of trouble tickets, thus saving the time of the business to focus on its core functions like implementing actionable feedback from users. 

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Mobile apps with CRM service excel in terms of overall customer experience (CX). Adequate CRM support in mobile apps can boost retention rates and overall brand loyalty. Mobile apps that integrate CRM tools into their interface guarantee world-class customer service to their esteemed customers ensuring higher returns.

If you are a business looking for the best ways to improve customer service for mobile apps, read ahead to find all the answers you’ve been looking for.

Best Ways Businesses Can Integrate Customer Service Skills in Their Mobile Apps

Questions like “What are best practices in customer service?” often bother mobile app owners who want to serve their customers in pioneering ways. Here is this simple guide to help you navigate mobile app customer service terrain with relative simplicity. 

Integrate In-App Customer Support

Customers never appreciate a lagging customer experience. It’s likely that they will be vocal about a bad experience than a good one. This is the prime reason why businesses with mobile apps must work hard to avoid negative customer experiences that sabotage their reputation. 

App companies that build apps devoid of any customer support mechanism often find themselves surrounded by bad reviews and low ratings on the app marketplace. Best customer service app features facilitate contact between the business and the app users, without the latter having to leave the app interface to do the same.

All app development processes that include the building of in-app messaging tools serve as communication channels that can connect app users to businesses. App users can use functionalities like live chat etc. to voice their opinions and give feedback about their experience. Providing in-app support makes it likely that a frustrated user would use it to express his pain points rather than venting out frustration on opinion forums or otherwise. 

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Answer Queries with In-app FAQs

Most mobile app users have grown out of the habit of using phone calls to meet their customer service needs. They instead prefer self-service facilities for issue resolution. Accurately placed FAQs into the app interface allows app users to resolve the issues on their own. Developers must create an FAQ repository that is easily accessible for app users while building an app.

A well-structured FAQ section contains solutions to pre-defined problems as illustrated by customer service teams. Answering probable queries through in-app FAQs is an excellent way to ensure mobile app support for app users. A mobile app development company that offers offline help to its app users for the times when they lose their internet connection often wins them over in terms of customer satisfaction. 

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Quick Resolution of Customer Support Tickets

In the age of instant messaging and complaint redressal, customers expect a quick resolution of their tickets during all app experiences. Offering them anything but this can result in massive churn rate for mobile apps. A customer support ticket system that provides fast and real-time issue redressal paves the way for positive reviews, improved app ratings and very well engaged customer base. 

Decrease Wait Times for Support Tickets

67% of consumers want a response to their customer service issues within 24 hours. Consequently, mobile app developers that focus on decreasing customer wait times on support tickets contribute to the brand’s reputation. A mobile app company that focuses on clubbing together customer complaints with similar themes can easily decrease wait times on their support tickets.

Mobile application developers that work to develop powerful search capabilities in their apps easily locate common customer pain points and reply to them in a timely manner. Beta testing mobile apps is a great way to discover an app user’s pain points as they navigate through it. 

Build an Automatic Follow-Up System for Mobile App Users

Creating an app with an automatic follow up system for mobile app users helps a brand prioritize the problems of its customers that need extra help to resolve their issues. Unresolved customer complaints are only tantamount to losses for an app business.

Having an automatic follow up mechanism built into the app identifies the users that need answers on a priority basis. Top mobile app developers set up these automatic follow-ups in mobile apps by sorting unresolved tickets by date and applying unique tags in bulk to the oldest of tickets. Such follow-ups are bulk messages that ascertain if any users still need help with their issues. 

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Since a business is only as good as its customer service experience, mobile app owners must focus on pleasing their customer by refining the app UX. Any mobile app business brainstorming questions like “What are best practices in customer service?” and “What are the principles of customer service?” must integrate these suggestions to improve their mobile app customer service. If businesses integrate these customer service skills in their mobile app experience, they can focus on high-value customer communication and use it for product development or inbound sales inquiries to scale further.

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