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Mobile App Session Replay & Its Privacy Impact
Session Replays

Mobile App Session Replay & Its Privacy Impact

Vimlesh Gautam
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Session replay is the recreation of the interactions of users on a mobile app precisely or as close as possible to how all users really encountered it. Session replay tools usually capture things, such as clicks, mouse movements, scrolling, typing, tapping, swiping, etc. Thereby, watching a session replay is like watching a video reformation of what users did on your application.

More about App Session Replay

Video session replay is also recognized as user replay, session recording, user experience, and session playback. It’s a method that helps application developers view screen recordings, screenshots, and touch events of the way a user interacts with your app. Hence, a developer can see the clicked areas, things typed by users, scrolling areas, and the way users navigate your app.

Session Replay and Its Privacy Impact

Session recordings are necessary because its possibly spares developers/product teams efforts and hours of debugging an app. However, based on how this method is applied, it can have some impacts on users’ privacy. Data such as addresses, credit card numbers, or other important info could possibly be captured by the developer, often without the consent of users. But with UserExperior, things are not the same. Our user session replay follows zero privacy intrusion policy.

Our real-time Android or iOS app analytics tool leaves users’ sensitive data aside and records all the gestures performed by them, content that’s not loaded, messages that the app displays, and other appropriate things. As we mentioned that we follow a zero privacy interruption policy, all app users’ sensitive information is not captured by UserExperior.

UserExperior has 256 bit AES encryption which encrypts the data packet. UserExperior also only captures a session replay of your app active view and does not capture outside your app or any other apps on the device. The SDK gets activated only when the app in which our SDK is integrated gets activated. Hence, all info will be totally safe and secure.

Mobile app session replay

Mobile App Session Replay

UserExperior records and replay live sessions of application users so the developers identify the users’ issues clearly. Real user monitoring alongside iOS or Android heatmap analytics helps fix the issues quickly. Leaving aside the sensitive data of users, our session replay tool records each possible necessitous detail in a high-quality video.

Perks of Using UserExperior’s Session Replay Tool

 High-quality replay

The quality of video session replay of every individual app user is exclusive. A high-quality, clear recording helps replay the entire user session.

User journey video

Your mobility team can capture and replay the whole user session on Android and iOS apps to monitor user experience

Minimal footprint

Our user session replay doesn’t impact the entire user experience as it is lightweight and consumes lesser device resources.

UserExperior Offers Real Insights into User Experience!

The capturing, recording and replaying of user sessions and real user monitoring of iOS/Android touch heatmap analytics help you see each and every user activity properly. Moreover, it offers you insight into how an app performed against all user activities. Our mobile app session replay tool has a unique feedback system that enables you to understand why specific users performed particular actions on your mobile application. Want to know better how the iOS heatmap tool of UserExperior works? You must book a demo then!

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