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Session Replays: What is session replay and how to increase app conversion rates using session replays.
Session Replays

Session Replays: What is session replay and how to increase app conversion rates using session replays.

Vimlesh Gautam
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As a child, I have always dreamed about having superpowers. The cool ones such as I wish I could fly, I could go invisible, and a lot more. Even now, I still dream about it, not that I could fly but I wish I have the superpower to know my customers better, understand what they need, see how they experience my product.

Be it any dimension of business, Understanding your audience is the ultimate goal to be able to make better decisions.-Decisions that have a huge impact.

Technology has evolved significantly leaving us with opportunities to do all these easily and effectively. If you own an app, session replay is one such tool with which you get to see how users interact with your product in real-time. Isn't it so cool?

In this article, we will be discussing what session replay is, why is it important to track the session recordings, and how to increase your app conversions using session replays.

What is a session replay?

We all have watched cricket matches throughout our life. Whenever the umpire is not sure to make a decision, he will replay the event multiple times to see what has actually happened. Similarly, whenever a user uses your app, he/she will do several actions inside the app.

Session recordings
are the capturing of all those interactions of the user inside the app and recreating it as video sessions exactly how the user encountered it. Session replays give you the superpower to see how every single user is using your app.

Why are Session Replays important?

As I mentioned earlier in the article, understanding your customers is not an easy task. You might be experiencing a huge drop-out on the check-out page but not know why? You find the users are not completing the journey and leaving the app. The answers to all your questions lie here.

With session replays, you are getting to see every action of the user inside the app. You get to discover the pain points and see every action point before the user leaves the app. This lets you focus on areas that are either ignored by the user or complicated to the user. You get insights on different gestures of the user such as scrolling, typing, tapping, swiping.

At the end of the day, User satisfaction is all that matters. Session replays are a savior to make sure that happens.

How to use session replays to increase conversions?

Though session replays give you insights into user behavior inside the app, it plays a major role in optimizing the user journey and increasing conversions.

Understanding user behavior

Heatmaps give aggregated data on user behavior such as where the user is clicking, the elements the user is focusing more on, where the user is getting frustrated, etc. Heatmaps combined with session replay tools help in a deep understanding of user behavior, answering all the why behind the user’s actions inside the app.

For example, Heatmaps shows the quit touches of the user. With session recordings, you can see the user’s actions before leaving the app that lets you understand what made the user leave the app and optimize the bothersome element of the screen.

Optimize UX with session recordings

User experience is the key. There is nothing more annoying than a poor user experience. Poor user experience results in reduced conversion rates. To optimize your app user experience, you need to know exactly where the users are finding it difficult to interact with the way you wanted to. A lot of times, App user journeys get interrupted because the user is confused about the next step and eventually leaves the app and that is because of the poor UX.

Session replay tools help you with recognizing the functions and elements that are working well and that are ignored by the users. Especially CTAs are ignored by the users because they are not placed well on the screen. 

Fix app crashes instantly

App crashes and ANR in the app are inescapable. But making sure it is resolved in time is where the challenge lies in retaining the customers. ANR diagnostic tools with session replays help reproduce the issues and visualize what has exactly happened before the app crash.

It is now much easier to fix issues without asking the users to send screenshots of where the app got hung or whatever problem they have faced with the app.

It gives better context to the tech and support teams reducing the ticket resolution time.

Design the perfect onboarding journeys with session replays

The first impression leaves a mark in everyone’s mind. Introducing the users to the product is one of the critical steps and you don’t want anything to take a toll on that. With session replays, you get to know how users are getting used to the product. Understanding how the users are using the app in the initial stages gives room for more opportunities to get to know their behavior patterns better and provide what is needed for them to flow through easily.

Check this out if you’d be interested to know the Best session replay tools for 2021.

Not sure if session recordings violate your privacy policy,

you must read this. Mobile app session replays and privacy impact

Getting to know about your users doesn’t need a superpower anymore. You can discover how users use your product in a few minutes and optimize it to give your users a smooth and pleasant experience so that it will not seed any idea in your user’s mind of wanting to try other products.

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