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How Aalgro Tracks App Performance and User Interaction on their Agri Marketplace App


Aalgro is an e-marketplace for trading fresh agricultural produce. The startup aims at modernizing the centuries old and siloed agri markets of India. Aalgro app empowers traders with real-time data, price discovery, logistics, quality assurance, and credit assistance.

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Firebase is not enough, too technical

Aalgro’s team had been using Firebase as a primary tool for app analytics. But they were left with many unanswered questions. Even after exporting data from Firebase, the custom queries didn't provide enough insights. Using Firebase was also too technical for the customer support team to understand the issues.

With a wide user base coming from small cities and villages, Aalgro had unique challenges. Most users have low-end devices and poor telecom networks. This meant keeping a check on app performance was crucial. Aalgro needed a solution that was simpler yet more insightful than Firebase analytics.


Our customer success team onboarded Aalgro team and helped understand how to use UserExperior. The product team at Aalgro could integrate UserExperior SDK and start analyzing from the first day.

Aalgro tracks UI interactions and button hits using heatmaps. Since the users may have low end deives at hinterlands, it is crucial for Aalgro to trak app performance with various devices, networks, and OS. UseExperior has could help Aalgro with its app performance tracking feature.

Whenever anyone from Aalgro needed support, our team made sure to give a prompt response. Our team also collaborated with Aalgro to incorporate their feedback into our product.


Aalgro could monitor hot and cold launch times using our app performance features. And their support team is able to save several hours of issue resolution time using session replay. As Deepanshu, Aalgro's product owner say, they got a better, faster insights on their app from day 1.

"UserExperior is easy to use, we could start analysing our app from day 1. The customer support has been great! The team really values your feedback."

Deepanshu Mittal

Product Owner, Aalgro


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