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Glide Invest Found Valuable Insights Going Beyond Conventional Analytics Tools


Higher KYC journey conversion


Faster issue resolutions


Glide Invest is a mutual fund investment & advisory platform. The Motilal Oswal-backed startup helps investors create mutual fund portfolios.

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The product team wanted to uncover hidden bugs and broken journeys. But conventional analytics tools didn’t give enough context. With frequent updates rolling out, it was difficult for the team to monitor user behavior. The Glide Invest team faces the following challenges:

Invisible Bottlenecks in KYC Journeys

Jaideep, the head of products says, “For any FinTech company, KYC is the biggest friction and KYC is a very critical flow for GlideInvest”. GlideInvest had no visibility into why and where users drop off in the KYC flow. The team had used tools like Mixpanel but it felt insufficient to understand what was going wrong.

Limited Insights into User Behaviour

Metrics don’t give you the complete picture. Jaideep says, “The analytic tool gave a lot of data but most of it was textual and it's hard to picture what's going on”. There wasn’t a way to learn about UI/UX issues and improve consistently.


Due to UserExperior’s simplicity, the GlideInvest team could kickstart optimizations faster. The team focused on known issues and found visual insights to complement metrics from the conventional tools.

Identifying Conversion Bottlenecks in the KYC journey

The product team constantly monitored dropouts on funnels on UserExperior. This helped GlideInvest to uncover friction points and redesign the KYC journey. The product team would make incremental changes and then analyze the outcomes using UserExperior. They could finally optimize the flow to reduce the KYC drop-offs significantly.

Helping the Dev Team Replicate Crashes and App Freezes

“One of a very strong use case of UserExperior is the daily reports of ANRs and Crashes, which we do not get from any other mainstream analytic tools”, Jaideep mentions. UserExperior quickly became a standard process for the support team to search for the sessions of users that raise a ticket. The data from UserExperior is then shared with the dev team, who can replay issues without worrying about reproduction. User session recording has enabled GlideInvest to recreate and diagnose issues much faster.


Visual insights with contextual data helped Glide Invest to analyze and optimize its critical user journey.

40% Higher Conversion on KYC Journey 

The product team was able to optimize and increase the efficiency of the KYC flow. Constant monitoring and redesigning of the flow helped them achieve a higher conversion rate. “Initially, we thought about changing the entire UI of KYC flow but with session replay, we were able to identify and come up with certain quick UI changes and fixes to increase the efficiency and conversation rate of our KYC”, Jaydeep said.

2x Faster Resolutions

Jaideep mentioned “Replication of issues drastically reduced”. User Recording has enabled the dev team to recreate issues that users face much faster. resulting in reduced user complaints. UserExeprior helped the team become more productive and proactive in resolving issues.

“UserExperior helps us visualise where things are going wrong in the app, to see where the customer struggled, which screen they spent the most time on, and how they moved from one screen to the other to reach a particular point, that would not have been possible without UserExperior.”

Jaideep Tibrewala

Head of Product, Glide Invest


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Glide Invest Found Valuable Insights Going Beyond Conventional Analytics Tools

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