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How ShemarooMe Built a Continuous UX Monitoring Process with the Help of UserExperior


Faster issue resolutions


Faster UI improvements


ShemarooMe is a streaming service with a wide variety of award-winning movies, TV shows, and music videos. Their apps offer 3700+ titles to more than a million users across 30+ countries.

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In the past 5 years, mobile content consumption has skyrocketed in India. A bulk of this boom was due to smarter-phones and tailwinds from cheap 4G data. ShemarooMe could seize the opportunity to become one of the largest OTT service providers. But the OTT space has fierce competition. All players put great efforts to increase user engagement and conversions. For these critical growth metrics to improve, delivering the best user experience is fundamental.

ShemarooMe was cognizant about these. The concern was about the lack of visibility on user experience. Their immediate challenges were:

Continuous Monitoring

ShemarooMe rolls out weekly updates. These include various UI/UX improvements and fixes. The team was keen to analyze the impact of their efforts. The problem here was to have a process for continuously monitoring how these updates benefit or upset users.

Understanding User Pain Points

Negative product reviews are not a way to learn about bad user experience. PMs at Shemaroo wanted a process to proactively understand pain points and resolve them. They wanted to improve different user journeys, optimize UI/UX, troubleshoot crashes, and replicate any visible issues.


After evaluating several tools, the team decided to go ahead with us. UserExperior ticked all the boxes and then some. Perhaps the top selling point was: unlike other UX monitoring tools, our SDK was bloat-free. Our customer success team also put a lot of effort into helping ShemarooMe whenever possible.

Setting Up a Continuous Optimization Process

At ShemarooMe, all critical updates are followed by monitoring on UseExperior. This has helped them spot and resolve many issues. Like when the video playing control feature was updated, the team could see that users were confused and couldn't find the control buttons. The team then quickly updated the app with the previous control UI with minor changes. Such a process allowed the team to deliver and maintain the best user experience.

Analyzing Issues Beyond Metrics

Drop-offs, crashes, and logs are common. But the UserExperior combines the way these are related to each other to give the complete picture. ShemarooMe used this capability to reproduce user complaints for the support and dev teams. Their marketing team could also analyze user behavior on different screens and banners to learn about the effectiveness of their campaigns.


Our data—that’s visual and contextual—helped ShemarooMe to optimize their business processes. Here’s UserExperior’s impact in brief:

4x Faster Issue Resolution

Session replay reduced the dependence on user feedback significantly. The recordings are useful in issue investigation and replication. Thereby, debug and resolve faster.

2x Faster UI Improvements

ShemarooMe saw a minimum of 2x increase in UI. The design decisions are more informed. And now has a way to measure its impact.

“UserExperior is not to be confused with traditional product analytics tools… it is a batteries included user experience monitoring tool. It not only shows the most relevant metrics but also shows you the way users behave or react.”

Joseph John

Senior Product Manager, ShemarooMe


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How ShemarooMe Built a Continuous UX Monitoring Process with the Help of UserExperior

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