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How Aditya Birla Health saw a 30% Reduction in App Crashes and Simplified User Journeys


Reduction in app crashes


Features analyzed constantly


Aditya Birla Health is an insurance company that functions intending to motivate its patrons to move towards a healthier lifestyle.

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The product management and design team found it challenging to review how users were using the app. In case of problems, users often raised support tickets, but the app support team had to ask them questions in return to know the issues in detail. The customer support team often requested the customers to share screenshots of the problem, which worsened the users' overall experience. The time-consuming diagnosis of the issues by the app development team led to lengthy resolution time and prolonged consequent debugging.

The teams wanted a solution that could help them achieve the following:

1. Some visual context of user interactions with different app features

2. User session replay complemented with stack trace for engineers to figure out the   glitches in functionality.



The team leveraged UserExperior to mitigate these challenges. UserExperior was able to resolve all the development and UX related issues and brought forth desirable changes in the following ways:

Better Technical Support

‍The engineering team can now see session replay complemented with the stack trace to figure out the exact technical issue, reproduce it, and fix bugs in the next version. They can easily see and understand if the problem is from the user end, in their app, or due to one of the multiple APIs they are connected with.

Review of App Usage with Heatmaps

Heatmaps help the product management and design team understand how users use the app, which features they like the most and even some non-clickable elements.

Support Resolution with Session Replays

Using UserExperior allowed customer support teams to omit the need to ask repetitive questions and demand screenshots from users. The support team was now able to easily understand usage issues and the context of the problem by looking at session replays. This streamlined the support resolution.



Experience Improvements

The team at Activ Health is always on the lookout for ways to optimize their app for the best user experience and better health management for their users. They actively use UserExperior’s heatmaps for their app also. Some changes they could bring about were:

Usability Improvements in App Design

Heatmaps have helped the team better understand how users interact with the app’s 50+ features, and which are the most frequently used features. Using Heatmaps, the product and design team could figure out user frustration with some buttons inside the app by looking into the ‘Rage taps’ feature of UserExperior. They also solved the usability problem by increasing button sizes.

Simplified User Journeys ‍

The app development team also fixed  broken navigation using page-level heatmaps and screen analysis. The user was not able to go back smoothly, which they figured out using the heatmaps.


"Insights from UserExperior drove a 30% reduction in our app crashes. Our customer behavior data lives in UE for our android app so we can quickly identify and take action or any roadblocks across our UI/UX . It also helps our customer support team to debug issues in real-time. All this adds up to a very comprehensive analytics system that we can use daily. I am happy to see continued improvements and new features in UE."

Deeksha Anand

Design Head, Aditya Birla Health


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