How Anand Rathi Wealth Optimized User Journeys, Decreased Issue Resolution Times



"UserExperior has really helped us to bring down our SLA's and increase our client app usage by reaching out to clients who were facing issues while using the app."

Kuntal Mody
Assistant Product Manager, Anand Rathi Wealth


Figuring out friction points of the users and solving for them was a major cause of concern for the Digital Wealth Management (DWM) team.

  • User Onboarding The first few steps of user onboarding never went as expected. The in-app users often got stuck on the login or the splash screen. This caused drop-offs big time.
  • User Journey User Journey mapping was something that their product team always wanted to do. Initially, they used to carry it out based on assumptions and user feedback, but as more users started using the app, this became a very difficult process to scale.
  • User Pain Points The DWM app team found it difficult to identify and diagnose user pain points (Crashes/User Experience flaws) They were doing this either by asking for screenshots/recordings from their users or by manually logging in on behalf of their clients.


Improved Onboarding workflow with session replays. The DMW team used the session replay feature to drill down all the recordings in real-time. While the product team found and fixed issues on the home/splash screen, the design and dev team complemented it by improving their UI and their onboarding flow based on time spent on those screens.

  • Debugging Crashes through app logs The production team viewed the session replays and accessed their complementary app logs to understand what broke down and speeded up their resolution time. The crash and ANR analysis helped the team to identify the actions that led to the crash in the onboarding process. 
  • Heatmap analysis for rage taps: With session recordings, the product team also made use of the heatmaps feature and understood the gesture distribution data inside their app. This helped them find out instances of rage taps, and fixed them in a jiffy. 


The entire team managed to solve their SLA's 2x faster and reduced their turn around time by 50 - 60%.

  • Usability Improvements on UI The team drilled down into heatmaps and crash analytics and identified places where user navigation wasn't straight forward. They then changed the position and the layout of those UI elements now see a streamlined flow of user journey. 
  • Fixed broken experiences For accomplishing any task on the app, the product team wanted the users to take up the least resistance path. With the help of session recordings they were able fix usability issues for most frequently used features and hence made least resistance path viable.
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