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UserExperior Helps BigBasket Monitor UX on New Features and Critical Design Changes


Hours saved in post-release UATs


Lower user complaints


BigBasket is India’s largest online grocery store. The unicorn also has a growing presence in physical retail with the brand Fresho and has its own private label products. Their mobile apps offer retail solutions like subscription delivery, on-demand delivery, and vending machines. This case study focuses on BigBasket’s subscription delivery app called bbdaily. Millions in India use the bbdaily app to order household needs to their doorsteps every day.

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With a fast-growing user base and constantly updating features, BigBasket’s design team is entrusted with delivering the best experiences on the bbdaily app. But the team didn’t have any tools to monitor user behavior, conduct UI/UX research, or carry out testing. Which brought the following challenges:

Limited Insights into Behavior and Research

Events don’t reveal the complete picture behind the interactions. The mainstream app analytics tools are limited to metrics and charts, lacking any visual insights. Whether it’s UI/UX research or experiments on the Beta releases, the team’s capacity to improve the design continuously was slow.

UAT Was a Long and Cumbersome Process

User Acceptance Testing (UAT)—a core requirement at BigBasket—usually took more than 5 days to complete. This is because of the limitations in reaching out to customers by email and call. Very few customers would participate in UATs, affecting the sample set. Moreover, the process kept 5-7 designers blocked from doing any other tasks. According to Rahul Baskaran, the Senior Product Designer, “The design team spent 400-500 hours of effort gaining insights for a design change without much outcome… UAT was rudimentary and mostly inefficient.”


“One of the best things about UserExperior is that it has a one-time, quick integration process… we could get started easily”, Rahul says. UserExperior could enable user behavior monitoring for new features and design changes. The design team now had an array of solutions to analyze critical features.

Identifying Conversion Bottlenecks in Add-to-Cart Journeys

For bbdaily, the team kept redesigning the Add-to-Cart user flows for better conversion rates. Designers could make iterative changes and monitor the interaction behavior on heatmaps. They could drill down funnel analysis with session replays to get more clarity on the drop-offs and relevant issues.

Monitoring New Feature Updates: Address Maps & Chatbot

BigBasket monitors new features closely with the help of UserExperior for understanding, discerning issues, and optimizations. The maps and chatbot were such features for which designers relied on UserExperior to monitor. The maps would allow users to add a delivery address easily. And the chatbot was implemented to reduce the burden on the support team.

Helping the Dev Team Replicate Crashes and App Freezes

The design team shared links to crash and app freeze data with the dev team. It allowed the dev team to visualize app issues and make more sense of the issues. This way the dev team could replicate with full context and start correcting issues quicker.


Visual insights with contextual data helped BigBasket to lower time in analysis and improvements to the user experience.   

400+ Hours of UAT Reduced Down to A Few Hours

Using session replays and heatmaps for UATs helped the team reduce the dependence on reaching out to customers. The small sample set limitations was now gone. In some cases, UserExperior could help the team with UAT to be done within 2 hours! 

3x Lower Lower Complaints, 100% More Conversions

The continuous monitoring and improvements done by the product design team resulted in gradually increasing the Add-to-Cart conversion rate to double. Customers also faced fewer issues with the app. As a result, the customer complaints went down significantly.

“Designing is complex, so understanding user behavior is critical for continuous improvement. We monitor everything using UserExperior. It has been pivotal in our UATs, adoption of new features, and conversions.”

Rahul Baskaran

Product Designer, BigBasket


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