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How ICICI Prudential Life Reduced Support SLA by 95% and Optimized User Journeys


faster ticket resolution


reduced support SLA


ICICI Prudential Life Insurance Company Limited (ICICI Prudential Life) is promoted by ICICI Bank Limited and Prudential Corporation Holdings Limited. Their team has a set of sales representatives that need to manage customer relations, upsell to existing ones and could be working in desk or field. They have been provided with a lead management system form the product and technology team.

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The sales team has to schedule appointments with prospects, update on lead  activity, setup followup calls etc. on the App - Essentially managing the entire customer lifecycle. The typical user is not the most tech-savvy, and hence support  tickets could go well beyond 100 in a given day. The production support team categorized issues in three segments:

  • ‍Technical and usability issues: These are usability or functionality issues inside the app. ‍
  • Knowledge gaps: Typically happens when use is unable to understand how to use a feature. ‍
  • Feature requests: Asks for a new feature or functionality within the app. 

The technical support issues were the biggest challenge. A 6-member  support frontline team takes calls to understand the issue. Because of the  user demographic, it’s often difficult to understand, comprehend and  diagnose the issues. Further, sales representatives may not always be  available for a call to explain the issue, which further delayed resolution.  Issues that don’t get resolved trickle down to the technical team which needs  to fix the technical problem.


The ICICI Prudential team wanted a solution that could help them achieve the following:

  • Reduce the number of tickets.
  • Bring down the 48 hour SLA to a significantly lower time.
  • Identify and diagnose the issues faster, with little or no dependency  on the sales team.

ICICI Prudential’s production technology team started using UserExperior in 2019 to fight these challenges. UserExperior was able  to impact every step of the problem and bring the required changes in the following ways.

Diagnose issues with session replays

  • With session replays available for every user, the frontline support team was no longer dependent on the sales team for preliminary diagnosis.
  • The team could quickly see and identify the issue that was happening, and could clearly categorize issues as knowledge gaps or technical glitches.

App logs and stack trace for debug

  • The production team could view session replays and see the complementary app logs to understand what broke down.
  • They were able to see the error messages in the stack trace and speed up resolution of the issues.



Over the last year, ICICI Prudential has been recording about 3500 user sessions everyday, with the team logging into the app
for solutions on a daily basis.

Today, support resolution time is down from 48 hours to 2 hours - 24x faster ticket resolution!

The team at ICICI Prudential keeps looking for ways to optimize their app for the best experience and highest business impact, and in the same quest, they actively use UserExperior’s heatmaps for their app also. Some changes they could bring about were:

Usability Improvements in UI

‍The team used heatmap drill-downs to understand why users were not able to find the right options. They were also able to change the position and layout of a UI element that was being clicked by the user with different expectations.

User Journey Improvements

‍For scheduling a meeting on the app, the users had more than one way to reach the appointment page. The production team was able to find the least resistance path and make it available to the users, improving usability for one of the most used features significantly.


"UserExperior has helped us to bring down the analysis time for a production issues, and enabled us to provide drastically faster resolution. The heatmaps have helped us guide our UI changes based on user behaviour and in identifying flaws in application flows."

Kunal Kadam

Senior IT Project Manager, ICICI Prudential Life


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