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UserExperior Delivers Real-time Insights and Accurate Context on User Feedback to Lenskart


Lenskart is an Indian optical prescription eyewear retail chain. With a rapidly growing business reaching out to over 1,00,000 customers a month on its mobile app. Lenskart app is available on Playstore on all Android devices with more than 10 million downloads and serving more than 4000 people per day.

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The company was heavily dependent on user studies for any form of customer feedback which resulted in the data being mere numbers without any concrete answer to why the users behaved in a particular way. They had no way to ‘see’ how users were using their app.

This method provided no real insights into the user behavior and the data failed to ensure significant solutions as the information recorded exhibited a simulated environment where the user might behave differently. The company lacked definite awareness of what actually made the users drop-off, which rendered any fixes ineffective and lost both users and revenue.

The Lenskart team wanted a solution that could help them to achieve the following:

  • real-time analysis of user journeys.
  • Understand the user pain points.
  • Know where user experince breaks.


Lenskart team started using UserExperior to do an in-depth user analysis and mitigate the issues faced by the user.

Real UX Insights with high-quality Session Replays

• With video session replays, the Lenskart team was able to step into the shoes of the users and examine how they interacted with their app. They were able to record their user journey and replay it to understand the issues faced by the customers.
• The whole user journey was captured in their usual setting that didn’t affect the user behavior. This helped the team to have accurate insights into the user behavior on the app and started working on the fix with a complete understanding.

See-through the funnel to find out the user pain points

• The video session replay tool also helped the team to understand why the particular user performed the specific action, and where they were facing issues. The team was able to understand the exact context behind the user drop-offs and other notable friction points for the users.
• The session replays and heatmaps were able to answer the pivotal question of ‘why’ the user behaved in a particular way. The team was able to pull out the video recording of the particular user who raised the issue and these visuals helped them to understand the issues better.


The team at Lenskart keeps looking for ways to deliver the best app experience to its users to optimize their app for the best experience and improve their revenue and user retention. In the same quest, they actively use UserExperior’s session replays for their app also. Some changes they could bring about were

UX Improvements

The team used session replays and heatmaps to understand how their users behave on the app, where they are spending more time, and what they are doing on that page. The heatmaps helped them to understand the overall user gesture distribution and also to find out where the user has performed rage taps when he was frustrated with something on the app.

User Journey Analysis

The team was able to understand customer feedback better by looking into the video recordings from the session replay tool. The video visuals helped them to understand the friction points.They found some usability and design issues and fixed them after having a clear understanding of them.


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