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Top 10 Use Cases of How Heatmap Analytics Can Be A Useful Tool for Mobile App Teams

Top 10 Use Cases of How Heatmap Analytics Can Be A Useful Tool for Mobile App Teams

Vimlesh Gautam
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Ace android and iOS Product Managers/UI/UX designers would be familiar with mobile app heatmaps and their usage. However, the majority of them seldom use heatmaps to understand their ย users behavior. Heatmaps have proven to be a helpful tool to derive data-based conclusions that help understand user behavior and also get answers to usability issues impacting app growth.


Listed below are the top 10 use cases of how Heatmaps for mobile apps will be useful for Product Managers, UI/UX designers to get a finer interpretation of user behavior and UX friction points.


  • Understand if users are focusing on the right CTA elements on your app screens.
  • Are the users navigating through the app as designed?
  • Discover CTA elements which are not working.
  • Detects if users are facing any ambiguity and interacting with non CTA elements.
  • Discover areas in the app which frustrate the user and cause rage taps.
  • Understand what types of gestures users are performing on the screen.
  • Understand if the users are engaging in the right sequence of gestures on the screen.
  • Understand which UI elements are to be removed.
  • Figure out why certain screens are used more than others.
  • Understand why certain features are used more than others.


Since Heatmaps are a summary of all your users actions on a screen, Heatmaps support in understanding UI friction points caused to your users which are impacting the growth of your Mobile Application. UserExperior is built for Product Managers, UI/UX designers, Android, and iOS App developers and Marketers to garner visibility of their end-user experience.


UserExperior provides video session replays of mobile app users journey and Heatmap analysis of their interactions, which uncover usability issues that impact the growth of your App.

To know how UserExperior can help your mobile app click here.

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