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Understand Your App Visitors To Give Them The Ultimate Experience With Heatmap Analytics

Understand Your App Visitors To Give Them The Ultimate Experience With Heatmap Analytics

Vimlesh Gautam
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Heatmap tools have been in use for one way or the other for years now. In the case of web application analytics, It presents user behavior through 2D data visualizations using different colors. It is one of those analytic data that highlights the behavior of users on screens and also indicates the areas users are ignoring or accessing the most, in many cases, they are also very helpful to identify friction touch points on the application’s UI.

If you have a mobile app that is used by thousands of users, then ensuring a seamless app user experience is a must for you. UserExperior is one such tool that monitors your end-users’ digital experience and provides actionable insights to the issues your end-users experience on your mobile app. It helps app developers, product managers, UI/UX designers, and marketers to get a quick view of what the customers experience on the mobile app. One of the key qualitative analytics metrics that UserExperior captures is a mobile app heatmap.

If you have never used any heatmap analytics before, then the points shared below will give you a reason to reconsider your decision of not using one.

Get instant overview of key app performance parameters

Different heatmaps are used to analyze different vital metrics. The touch heatmaps, for example, will tell you about the app sections that receive the highest and lowest interactions from real users. The concerned team can easily address the low tap areas, and necessary actionable steps can be taken for delivering enhanced app user experience. Similarly, the attention heatmaps, scroll heatmaps, geo heatmaps, and others can be used to find other vital parameters.

Heatmap’s visual approach helps in understanding numeric values

The best mobile app analytics tools like UserExperior provides a clear and precise understanding of the gathered numerical values. For example, without a heatmap, you can find out how many users dropped out without making a purchase or how many users uninstalled your app.

But if you want to know the real reason why users are not completing their transactions and abandoning the cart without a purchase or why users are uninstalling your app, you need qualitative analytics metrics i.e. a Heat Map of your users actions. Once you know the actual reasons that created problems for the app users, you will be in a better position to take the most appropriate corrective measure.

App design can be better modified to deliver a superior experience 

The android app analytics or ios app analytics of a heatmap tool best depicts the user behavior. It shows the actions performed by users on a screen, it shows what are the sequence of actions your users take when they land on a screen. It shows which actions are performed first, which actions are performed last, which actions lead to users dropping out or which actions are unresponsive on the UI. This data can be used by UI/UX designers to understand if the UI/UX of the app is intuitive to the user. If the app has a complex UX & UI, then it can easily be detected and rectified.

Helps convey the message better

Every app has been designed for a specific purpose. An app with bugs or probable design errors often fails to serve the purpose for which they were created. It develops a negative impact on the app user experience. The mobile app event tracking feature of a heatmap analytics tool also monitors and records the events (touch, scroll, zoom, and others) that better facilitates a good user experience.

In a nutshell, a mobile app heatmap tool identifies all the problems that create a poor app user experience. The analytics provide a lot more than the actual user journey that can be used to make the app better. You can check the demo of UserExperior, a popular heatmap tool to get a more precise idea of how the tool works.

Create a more beautiful
user experience

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