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7 Reasons Why – You Really Need a Heatmap Tool.

7 Reasons Why – You Really Need a Heatmap Tool.

Vimlesh Gautam
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To increase user on-boarding and conversion on your websites or mobile apps you should know how your visitors interact with your website or app. How can you make your visitors stay? What would make them stay engaged? Deciding these things will help you identify the features of your site or mobile app that you should enhance.

Fortunately you can make the use of Heatmap analytics. There are many Heatmap tools which provide insights toward which part of your site or mobile app are focused more by your users and which is least. They help in deciding what is the behavior of your users and what needs to be done for better conversion and retention. One such Heatmap tool is UserExperior.

UserExperior’s mobile app Heatmap tool offers a graphical representation of how the user interacts with your mobile app. It tracks and checks where people tap, select, and view on your app. However, apart from helping you monitor and know the journey of your visitors, you can use a Heatmap tool for 7 more reasons.

Let’s take a look at how heatmap tools can be of help:

1. Heatmap tools provide design analysis

Using Heatmap analytics helps assess which parts of your website pages are drawing people’s clicks. In case your call-to-action is not receiving ample clicks, you can directly replace, redesign, or relocate it anywhere else on your page. A heatmap tool like UserExperior helps you know what people enjoy and how you can improve that thing on other pages also.

2. Heatmap analytics helps optimize online forms

If you utilize forms on your site, you should ensure they don’t impact the entire user experience. With Heatmap analytics, you can recognize the fields which are leading the visitors to leave your site and make particular changes to stop this from reoccurring.

3. Heatmap tools are easy to measure

 In comparison with other analytics tools, Heatmap analytics tools are simpler to assess as they are more visual. They utilize colors for representing various kinds of data. The utilization of color coding makes a Heatmap tool simple to understand in case you are not aware of analytics.

4. Heatmap analytics works as a guide for app optimization

 A heatmap analytics tool like UserExperior can help you recognize issues in your app by just tracking the activities of your users and offer you an instance of their behavior. It’s useful in deciding how efficiently vital elements are placed on your site.

5. Heatmap software can optimize eCommerce shopping cart

 This tool serves visitors who visit the shopping cart page. They are prepared to purchase, so make this procedure as seamless as possible and optimize the page for better conversion. Heatmap checks the functionality of the free shipping banner, inappropriate elements which grab clients’ attention, position of the Buy or Checkout button.

6. Heatmaps highlight famous design and imagery

 A Heatmap tool highlights the popular infographics, imagery, logos, etc. which people enjoy engaging with. This helps you gain knowledge which you can apply to your emailed contacts, social posts, and ad campaigns.

7. Heatmaps help organizations enhance the bottom line

 By assisting managers to create better website design options that improve engagement and conversions which cause sales, Heatmaps allow decisions that drive potent business results. Finally, it enhances the bottom line. The widespread utilization of the Heatmap UX analytics tool showcases that clients like their ROI.


If you decide to use real-time mobile app analytics to customize your mobile app or Heatmap tool to tailor your website, choose UserExperior. UserExperior mobile app analytics gives better session replay for mobile apps. Take a look at the Demo.

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